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Good to hear others have these random down periods too. I hope thats just all it is.

Protocol is 20 mg E3D, not 3.5 (makes a slight difference). The T cream is just on the scrotum and I am not consistent with it since its meant as needed for me. I have not used it though since last week maybe that plays some role.

Maybe its just a downside of TRT

After all i am bandaiding my issues with this anyways so sometimes maybe random symptoms are bound to come up.

Haven't posted in a while mainly cause I am doing pretty well these days on TRT/HCG/Pregnenolone.

Maybe im just in a down period for a random reason but what could cause a sudden drop in penile sensitivity or libido?

I understand libido fluctuates etc but I am more concerned with the sensitivity issue.

Normally, its pretty sensitive down there. Last week it was fine and now this week suddenly as of a a few days ago I don't feel as sensitive down there and my libido is low too. Sex is kinda repulsive even...

My protocol is 20 mg subQ e3d, 20 mg Pregnenolone cream every day. As for HCG I use 150 IU 2-3x a week. I try to minimize HCG since I don't feel that great on it. Also at times I use "1 click" (dont remember amount) of T cream on my scrotum but this is like 2x a week.

Can "edging" (the practice of delaying orgasm) cause sensitivity issues? But that doesn't really explain lower libido...

I need to get labs soon too. I have been doing well so have not even bothered for a few months.

Im hoping this is just some down period that will pass....

Ironically my diet has kind of gone to shit since I felt good xD. I used to limit sugar but now I have too much sugar. Don't care what I eat. I was skinny before and gained a bunch of wait (but not much muscle lol).

Theres just too many variables in health that its not even all hormones. Gut health and things play a big role too. anxiety/depression/NTs  also mess with hormones

In response to your other question about whether if depression is causing low T can TRT still help--

Imo yes depending on the kind/severity of depression. Mild-moderate depression I would say can be resolved or helped by it but otherwise Testosterone is 'weak' when it comes to something really severe.

I mean you don't need very high T for sexual stuff anyways. A lot of people here probably have more issues than just low T and low T is a side effect of whatever else is going on (neurotransmitters, inflammation, etc). But its still a good bandaid

Dr. Crisler brought this up. The consensus here is that it's a bad idea: MALE BIRTH CONTROL PILLS: This is a REALLY Bad Idea

Ah yea. Its not even the hormonal issues that are as scary compared to how this might affect the male brain in long term ways. If it has synthetic progestin for example seems like that could cause long term issues like some get with Deca...

I saw this article just now so sorry if anybody posted this before. Haven't been on here as much.


I bet theres going to be all kinds of problems with this....

"Adrenal fatigue" symptoms are so varied that it is possible to be anxious or depressed with AF.

That is why its more properly called HPA axis dysfunction.

Everyone responds uniquely to hormones and dosage. So preg can calm anxiety too.

TRT has GABAergic effects (via DHT I believe). And dopaminergic effects too which are more well known (not many people actually know about the GABAergic properties).

Benzos can defintely make some people hornier-I was one of em. Others they lower libido.

So can the stimulant meds.

And if you are on so much stuff its very hard to tell what is doing what. But both benzo wd or stimulant wd can wreck havoc with mental health as well as sexual....

Saw palmetto does have the post finasteride syndrome risk you know?

5alpha reductase modulates DHT and allopregnanolone which both modulate GABA-A.

Still hard to believe Peak is no more :(


High DHEA-S itself is sometimes seen in anxiety disorders

DHEA-S shouldnt be supplemented without some kind of deficiency in it anyways. Have you even tested DHEA-S? I saw on your other post that you are pretty young/in college so you might not even be deficient in it.

DHEA-S is one of the hormones that I test normal-high in consistently just on TRT/HCG/Preg

Stuff that lowers DHT is a 5a inhibitor and actually lowers more than just DHT (which alone lowering isn't good but theres more you lower) like Allopregnanolone levels. Allopregnanolone is a neurosteroid made from Progesterone via 5AR.

Both DHT and Allopregnanolone impact the GABAergic system

I would stay away from 5a inhibitors due to the Post Finasteride Syndrome that was mentioned. It is also possible with Saw Palmetto.

It has a half life of 2 days. Theres no point in doing E2 and adding things to the mix when itll just go away as your body climbs in E2 level.

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