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idk how nebido worise but damn that's a lot of liquid
Enough to literally be a pain in the ... for 7 days if injected to fast IM, a nurse that didnt know to take it slow, sore 1-2 days if the injection takes 2 minutes.

Holy crud.  4 ml?  I didn't realize it was that much. 
One tiny ampoule.


Hi, 36 hours ago i received an injection with nebido and i feel nothing, usually i can feel the effects coming within 12 hours, i felt the needle go in and thats it.
Didnt feel any pressure from the oil and im not sore, injection was done by a nurse but unfortunately the level of competence is rather low for this kind of nurses.

How does it feel to inject 4ml of oily liquid intramuscular vs subcutaneous?
I heard it takes longer for the testosterone to go out in the body with Subcutaneous injections, is it true?


Hi, tried to calculate free T off some old and new test results, albumin was tested 4 years ago, SHBG was tested 1 year and 3 months ago and T was tested 8 weeks ago, 2 days before injection with nebido so its a lowest value.
Does the math add up or is 1+1=pink elephant with green dots on roller skates?

Albumin 3.6 mg/L = 0.0036 g/L
Shbg 20 nmol/L
Testosterone 14 nmol/L

Free T - 1.68 nmol/L = 48 ng/dl = 12%
Bio T - 1.69 nmol/L = 49 ng/dl = 12%

As for the old test, im trying to have them retaken.

Isnt much value for me with those tests, cant use them officially to adjust medication and most doctors wouldnt look twice on test not done in certified laboratories.

The problem is that taking tests 2 weeks after injection is basically in the very short window when it somewhat works, it wont show if im still too low on T before injection like i was in the last test or when the problem starts 3-4 weeks after injection and the doctor knows this.

Is there any point in checking testosterone and e2 levels 2 weeks after injection with nebido? thats basicly what my doctor have ordered.

Any other tests related to testosterone and e2 i may need to take?

Hi, im using nebido every 8 weeks and 1.3mg arimidex a week, im about too write a letter and give to my doctor 36 hours from now with requests for blood samples, T and E2 will be included, i have recently stopped using thyroid medication so it will be included as well, psa will not be included since it was checked only a couple of months ago.

Shbg has been low for a couple of years, barely within range, any reason to check it?
Prolactin have been high in the past, was ok 1 year ago, any reason to check it?
Homocysteine have been really high, at most 8 times the range, have not been checked after i started with T, any reason to check it?
Cortisol have been high for a long time and once above range, any reason to check it?

Any other tests i may or may not need to take?

20th October T was 14 nmol/l (407 pg/dl) , October 22nd i got an injection with nebido, 17th December next scheduled injection.

Regarding E2 not much have been checked as far as i know, i got very little information since i never met any doctor during the first 4 years that wanted to talk about this, the medication, how it works and all that, instead i was told everything looked fine including a sample when T was 4.8 nmol/l (139 pg/dl) and diagnosed with Hypothyroidism which turned out to be wrong.
What i do know is that E2 have been checked twice but on my request, why its high? possibly a combination of weight and gynecomastia.

Well, if you have the money, you need to pull off some T and E2 #s every week to two weeks so you can figure out how to play this thing. 
Unfortunately its not an option, disability pension.

I kind of doubt you need a stronger dose based on your description, but you don't want to fly blind.
2 things have happened after i started this thread, it got worse and then better.

For many years i have lived with pain throughout my body, muscle pain mostly and have been using pain medication on and off for long periods of time.
1 month before i started with arimidex it was more painfull to get up from the couch then to make a root canal without  anesthesia, this pain is always worse during autumn but 99.9% of the pain disappeared in 2 days flat when i started with arimidex and zero need for pain medication.

2 days ago this pain came back, when i hold my arms up it took less then a minute for the muscles to get sore and didnt take much strain to have pain when resting.
1 day ago i took 1.5mg arimidex instead of 0.5mg and it didnt take many hours before i started to feel an improvement, today i had the best sleep for a couple of weeks, the pain is mostly gone, easier to get an erection and it was stronger.

0.5mg every 2 days puts e2 below 19 pg/ml limit the laboratory can measure, weekly dosage 1.75mg
0.5mg every 3 days seems to be a little to low, weekly dosage 1.165mg

Can i take 0.5mg every 4 days and 0.25mg every 4 days for a weekly dosage 1.31mg or can it be too uneven to take one stronger and one weaker dose?

  And that leads to my next question:  why not go with subQ testosterone cypionate?
It would make me a criminal in the eyes of the law, nebido is the only legal option for injections.

If you lose all the extra weight, you can probably get completely off of the Arimidex like I did or at least have very minimal dosing.
Easier said then done when having chronic hunger, tired and a strong lack of energy but its been slowly slowly going down since i started with arimidex.

But think about it:  with Nebido, your testosterone is changing week to week, so it's very difficult to dial in an Arimidex dose. 
Perhaps need a stronger dose the first time after injection?

You did notice that E2 is measured on pmol/l and not pg/ml?
70 pmol/l = 19 pg/mL

Hi, 1 year ago i had decent erections, not the hardest but it mostly worked and i achieved orgasm in a reasonable time.
Beginning of januari this year i switched from testogel too nebido and i couldnt find an erection even if i had map and compass, after several weeks i could feel it slowly returning, after several more weeks it more or less had returned to how it was before nebido and then it was time for next injection...i also found it much harder to achieve orgasm and it didn't feel right.

This summer a test showed i had slightly elevated E2, my result was 181 pmol/l and range 50-162 and nothing happened, no doctor seems to think this is an issue and so far refuse to even consider my problems to have anything with E2 to do.

This autumn i meet a new doctor and he quickly changed from 12 week to 8 week injections and, well im not going to describe how it made me fell since i would need to curse in roughly 32 different languages to even get close.
No erections at all not even soft, achieving orgasm was borderline impossible and orgasm didn't feel good at all, increased pain from toes to head, sleeping less good and some other problems.

Then i made a request for arimidex and thankfully my request was handled by a doctor either knowing what she did or more likely, didnt know what she did, either way i got a recipe for ~400 pills and supposed to take one a day.
I noticed a change the first day but the second day, WOW my little weiner was alive again and the feeling was amazing, it was so hard it was almost painfull, i can honestly say it felt like i had forgotten how good it feels.

The 5th day i changed from 1 pill a day to every 2 days and i could feel the goodness starting to decline for 1-2 weeks, then i got an injection and up and bouncing again, T was 14 nmol/l 2 days before injection.

E2 was at this point 70 pmol/l or lower so i changed how often i take arimidex to pill every third day to avoid it crashing, when i got a new doctor i also got a new hospital using a different laboratory, E2 range now starts at 70 which is the lowest measurable and ends at 150 maybe a little higher, last injection was 29 days ago and here is the problem.

I have not had morningwood for more then 2 weeks, i cant even remember the last time i had a spontaneous erection, orgasm feels good but takes alot of effort, erections can be everything from soft to rock hard even during one day.

1. is it normal to have a much harder time achieving orgasm when T is raised from very low to normal levels?
2. what can be the reason for erections ranging from soft to rock hard from day to day often even during 1 day?
3. is there any chance that pill arimidex every third day is to much?

Ps, talking to a doctor is unfortunately useless, have yet to meet a doctor that actually knows anything about e2 or what effects elevated e2 can have, next bloodtest is scheduled at the end of this year.


Hi, been on nebido for 10 months and it doesnt work, its not that i dont feel any effect it actually makes me worse the higher T gets.
When i take an injection its very quickly complete loss of erection, lower libido, fatigue, harder to sleep, less energy and lots more.

The first 4 weeks is the worst then it slowly starts going back, after 12 weeks when T is down to 8-9 most of the problems from the injection have disappeared and now i get an injection every 8 week so its anything but pleasant, with injection every 8 week my T level is 19 right before next injection, range for testosterone is 10-30.

E2 was raised to 49pg/mL so ive been on arimidex for 2-3 weeks, the first 5-6 days i noticed a good decrease with the problems but that effect has later more or less disappeared.

Today its 6 days since e2 was tested at <19pg/mL, testosterone at 19 and 3 days since injection.
For the first time since i started with nebido i didnt get a complete loss of erection and some after injection but its far from good.

The dosage of arimidex have been lowered but what can the reason be that im feeling worse everytime T is raised?


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