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Used carnitine(2000mg) in combination with msm(4-5 size 0 capsules) and ascorbic acid(4-5 size 0 capsules) for some time and together it seems to lessen side effects of trt


No history of either low or high cortisol still i get effects like lower blood pressure, lower heart rate, less chronic hunger, better sleep, more relaxed and half a dozen of other positive effects when i take 10+5mg hydrocortisone a day, any idea why?

Ps, i have taken this with 2 endo's but i live in a country with doctors looking at HC like its black magic so they basicely said it was impossible to have these effects.

See what I mean?  I'm sure it's no more difficult than changing a horseshoe, but...

That looks awesome.  Does it work pretty well?  If you say it's good, I'm putting that on my To Order list.
Works good when used properly, capsules can be bought both as separate pieces or in one piece i recommend you get capsules that are in separate pieces otherwise you have to split 100 capsules before filling them.

Most people feel GREAT when they take a glucocorticoid. That is because they elevate and stabilize blood sugars.
10+5mg hydrocortisone a day LOWERS my blood sugar levels also blood sugar drops quicker to normal levels after eating, i have intentionally measured blood sugar levels to see how its affected by cortisone.

For testogel its 6 hours between application and bath or shower for proper absorption.

When taking carnitine and it does have positive effect, does the effect come slow or does it come fast?

As the title says, I'm interested in a capsule filler.  Any suggestions welcome.
Im using this kind and its works good but is labour intensive and messy but a piece of paper under takes care of it.

Watching freddy kreuger slice and dice is like watching donald duck reading a good night story, i dont get scared.


  You're telling me you never have a bad dream?
Not in the last 30 years.

Man, I wish I had that condition!
the downside is that horror movies and games doesnt work on me.

This has been discussed before and i recall high estradiol to be one reason.

Chemicals, bad lifestyle and food grown in dirt empty of minerals is my bet.

One reason that may explain why i sleep better on ldn is that im incapable of having night mares so stronger more vivid dreams is beneficial for me.

Regarding hypothyroidism and obesity, one comment i see fairly often is that a change from synthetic hormones to natural hormones makes it easier to lose weight there are also other ways, i strongly recommend you read up on it before trying but bupropion can be used for both depression and losing weight since it can inhibit hunger.

No more chest pains since adding in bisoprolol, i took 3 weeks off cortisone due to testing and since yesterday im back on a mix of 4mg prednisolone in the morning and 5mg hydrocortisone late day/early evening.

So far no positive effects but can take months before it comes, side effects are limited to harder to fall asleep and waking up several times a night.

Why the prednisolone?
Something i tried for a limited time. found it had good effects those days i didnt sleep well but little effect those days i slept well.

The effects now is better sleep/more vivid dreams, generally less pain and slight improvement in chronic hunger.

My gp doesnt want to prescribe ldn since it lacks scientific evidens but he happily prescribed naltroxene for alcoholism treatment knowing its a hoax  ;D so im going to change dosing.

I ended up in hospital back in 2002 due to very low hemoglobin caused by low b12, low b12 is easy to treat but it also causes chronic hunger for me, one use for naltroxen is weight loss since it can inhibit hunger so the last couple of days i have tried 3mg in the morning and 4.5mg before sleep and it have lowered my hunger so i will continue with a similar protocol.

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