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Same thing as combating any inflammation: supplements, lifestyle, food, medications (steroids), etc.
The blood brain barrier makes it complicated, yesterday i searched on prednisolone and found  that less then 1% passes throu.

seems i only get worse with increased T :/

Saw a claim today that dhea protects against osteoporosis, any substance to that claim?


The big question is what can be done to combat neuroinflammation

Thoughts on this? could a neuroinflammation have a LH and/or FSH lowering effect?


Wonder if a consumer would feel any differences if they took a synthetic T4, T3 combo, in the same ratio as what the NDT has?
Where i live its a requirement to use t3+t4 medication for one year before a license for ndt can be approved and i have meet many that say they feel better with ndt.

250mg every 14 days? is a pretty bad protocol because T varies much over time, most prefer injection once or twice a week for a more even T level also pain can be an issue if an injection is done IM to fast.


Instead, it was about a bio-analytical chemist who decided to test synthetic T3 (Cynomel and Cynoplus) as well as the Thailand-made Natural Desiccated Thyroid (NDT) called Thyroid-S, by extracting each tablet with methanol, then diluting and injecting them on an LC/MS system–a sensitive instrument used to detect and identify compounds and molecules in a substance.

And what he discovered and reported is that the thyroid hormones of NDT are tightly bound with thyroglobulin, a large iodine-containing protein….whereas synthetics are bound by nothing. i.e. synthetic hormones are exposed; NDT hormones are protected (until they are released by your digestion).   The diagram on this blog post gives you a powerful visual of this reality, but specifically in comparing natural desiccated thyroid with synthetic T4-only. You will see the large mass of thyroglobulin on the left, each containing either T4, T3, T2, T1 or calcitonin within. Then the tiny synthetic hormone on the right, alone.

But is that bad NOT be bound by thyroglobulin??  Possibly yes in the opinion of Peter. As Peter explained:  “The [exposed] synthetics might be affected by stomach acids in different ways in different people.  Low acid, high acid, various digestive and pancreatic enzymes in varying amounts, bacteria/flora in the stomach and small intestine, all kinds of possibilities here which would vary by the person.”  And, he says, that can mean instability!

Peter continues:  “Perhaps the thyroglobulin in NDT (and completely missing in the synthetics) is absorbed, or necessary, or utilized, or forms other products during digestion that could affect blood levels of various substances, numerous carrier proteins for example, thereby affecting the results obtained.”  And he concludes:  “The NDT hormones are bound to thyroglobulin and not available for reaction or breakdown until after they first digested (from Janie: which saliva begins, by the way, even in your mouth).  This would be a more stable compound.”  His original post is here.


Curious, how were you diagnosed with ME?  Do your doctors (or yourself) consider it pretty much synonymous with chronic fatigue in terms of symptoms (I rec the site Phoenix Rising either way, great folks there).
The doctor i saw was one of the leading experts in my country and its a diagnose with flaws since there are some things that have not been checked.

  So I'd recommend a trial of NDT, T3, or even T4 meds.
Used t4 since 2010, t3 since spring 2014 and next month my endo will write a license application for ndt so if its approved then i will switch over sometimes February maybe march.
T4 medication alone does have positive effects, one of them is that elevated prolactine is normalised, adding t3 doesnt do much but it helps.

You might also try pregnenolone and DHEA if you haven't already, but if the former makes you feel worse, then I'd just try HC again.
I have tried both preg and dhea and it did have some positive effect when i used nebido, after i switched over to pregnyl it has no effect at all.

Chronic infections can basically put your body in a chronic inflammatory state, which can cause sympathetic activation, which by itself or other biochemical mediators from chronic inflammation can lower your hormones, including sex, thyroid, and adrenal hormones.  So you might have a root to really investigate,

Unfortunately, health care where i live is 20-30 years behind on tests which makes many tests for infections unreliable.


Lyme protocol from dr. Levy

About 2 hours ago i picked up a kilo of vitamin c

Im recently diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and lately i have read lots and lots of claims that ME often is caused by chronic infections and lyme is pretty high up on the list, one part of this is that chronic infections can cause the immune system to break down.

I have hypothyrodism but all tests looks ok on paper, free t4 low in range, free t3 midrange and tsh mid to high in range and no antibodies so im medicated because of positive effects, can chronic infections cause hypothyrodism?

Testosteron deficiency, also this is a bit unclear health care claims its weight related which i dont buy since T dropped with over 50% between 2004 and 2009 while my weight was about the same, can chronic infections cause low T?

Cortisol, again on paper it looks ok usually mid range and result of synactentest was good but when i tried hydrocortisone i got effects like better sleep, less hungry, lower blood sugar, lower heart rate, lower blood pressure, more energy..can it be related to chronic infections?


I have heard time and time again from health care that synthetic and natural thyroid hormones are bio identical but are they? recently i read an article that claimed there are differences.

Synthetic hormones are free while natural hormones are bound, if a synthetic t4 molecule is 1mm big then a natural t4 molecule is in comparison over 10cm big.

Anyone else read anything about this?

From instructions supplied with nebido.

As with all oily solutions, Nebido must be injected strictly intramuscularly and very slowly (for at least two minutes). Pulmonary microembolism of oily solutions can in rare cases lead to symptoms such as cough, dyspnea, nausea, excessive sweating, chest pain, dizziness, paraesthesia, or syncope. These reactions may occur during or immediately after the injection and are reversible. Patients should be monitored during and immediately after each injection to early to be able to see possible signs and symptoms of microembolism of the lung caused by oil. Treatment is usually, for example by administration of oxygen.

I didnt feel any difference at all with either size or hardness of the testicles when i switched from nebido to hcg, i dont feel any difference between 300iu or 600 iu

How high is your testosterone out of curiosity?
With hcg mono ~20 with range 9-30ish

It's pretty obvious if the HCG is working cuzz your raisins will turn into walnuts (or some other tree nut).
Not for me, dont notice much of a difference regardless what medication im on which makes it a bit difficult sometimes.

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