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I use it, but don't feel anything just a headache.

Hi, maybe some use this combination? Can I use saw palmetto with clomid and arimidex?

I don't know of any interactions with any of those, and so you can theoretically do that as far as I know.  (Always run it by your doc or pharmacist though.)

But here is the subject of some debate:  some of the PFS (post-finasteride syndrome) folks say that Saw Palmetto can have the same nasty effects as Propecia.  Is that true?  .  Personally, I wouldn't risk it, because I just don't think it's worth it.  But you'll have to do your own research...

What is that nasty effects? I use saw palmetto but don't feel any bad side efect, it's a little help for my acne and drastically reduce my estrogen(it was 250 after saw palmetto it was 76 (normal range 40-150)) but also and testoterone reduce :/

Hi, maybe some use this combination? Can I use saw palmetto with clomid and arimidex?

"...ended up in six deaths"   :o :o ok, enought arginine..

Sure, but keep in mind these were men with heart disease and literally hundreds of thousands of men have taken arginine without issue.  And, I would add that they were taking a high dose of arginine relatively speaking.  The product Prelox uses a small dose of arginine and has a very good safety record as far as I know.  I don't take it because I don't want to fuel herpes viruses - and there are lots of them including Epstein Barr. 

But, sure, better safe than sorry and there are lots of great ways to boost blood flow and NO without using arginine. I'll put a shameless plus in for my book here:


What do you use(whos realy works) to increase testosterone and libido?

Ok, I don't use it any more, but what can reduce my DHT?

Well, I don't think there is a way out there where everyone feels comfortable, but here are some things that I have seen various people use / write about:


Do your own research and, also, realize that DHT really boosts libido.

Yes, I reserch it, but I don't have libido.. I think I need to check my DHT and if it to high drop it down. Then I can use clomid + anstrozole with no acne and mybe my ibido will back.

"...ended up in six deaths"   :o :o ok, enought arginine..

Ok, I don't use it any more, but what can reduce my DHT?

I don't know or I have herpes virus or not, but when I use AAKG it increase my heart rate.

Maybe anastrozole increase DHT? I have used clomid and it increase my testoterone and also estradiol, and then I start anstrozole, maybe its block aromatase, and increase transformation testosterone to DHT? Because before anastrozole, excess testoterone transform to estradiol, then that way was blocked, maybe excess testoterone converted to DHT? I use SAW PALMETTO it help with my acne, reduce my estradiol more then two times but also reduce my testosterone. Is SAW PALMETTO is safe to use with clomid?

Why anastrozole causes acne? What's the solution?

Hello, maybe someone use arginine alpha ketoglutarate and citrulline malate to increase libido? is it affect only blood flow or also and hormone system? Worth to add taurine?

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