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Dr. Crisler, do you think it would be a worthwhile endeavor for someone that's 44y/o and been on trt for 8 years to try long term Clomid? I just can't seem to ever get things dialed in for any significant amount of time, and honestly I'm just tired of trying to sort it out. BTW I had a consult with you 1.5 years ago, if that matters.

I've been trying to get clomid dialed in for almost 3 years now.  It seems that one protocol might work fine for weeks/months but then it doesn't, and I have to change it up.  Sometimes if I just stop taking it for 2 weeks, and then get back on my protocol, I feel great.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: Vitamin D
« on: February 06, 2018, 03:21:01 pm »
Sounds like maybe your in REM sleep, which increasing your vitamin d should help sleep.

I take magnesium every night.  Citrate is the better form to take, this helps me relax and fall asleep.  Maybe add this in and see if it helps you too.

Wow, This is shocking and so sad.

Wow, very interesting.  So for guys on 25mg per day I.e. me, what's next?  B/c I've tried the lower dose and it is not effective on me.  Yet the higher doses have an affect on my e2.

Iíve not did labs yet, because itís only been a few weeks. Iím coming off trt, so my situation is a little different than yours. Only side effects Iím having is some floaters in my eyes but theyíre not getting worse.

Did you get a prescription from the doctor? Did he have a timing recommendation for your dose? Or are you self medicating?

I've never had a time of day specified, but I believe I read somewhere recently to take it in the morning but don't hold me to it.  I'll see if I can find out where I read that.

Also, If all clomiphene does is get your own body to crank up production, I don't think it the medicine would determine when your body was making t.  Just my thoughts, I'm no doctor.

I've taken both day and night and never noticed a difference.

I'm on 25mg eod clomid, and just got blood work back, hemocratic was 45.8 and hemoglobin 15.7

What's your testosterone?

It's wasnt that high, only 478, but I'd run out of clomid, so hadn't taken it in about 2 weeks, was travelling a lot but I'm guessing it's back up now.

The problem with supplements is they are almost all fake. Thats why you see mixed results with calcium d glucarate. What brands did you guys use?

Really, fake?  Personally I've seen vast improvements in vitamin d and b12 from supplements, especially the liquid sublingual b12.  Id be interested to know your thoughts on fake supplements though as I take a few and don't want to be taking something that's not useful.

I've never had a sensitive test done, only the standard, and that has always been in the 36-48 range.  I didn't even ask for estradiol test last week during my physical b/c my pcp said he doesnt have that as an available test and that I'd have to get it done at an outside lab which I will do.

I've taking letrozole and arimidex in the past when I got the standard blood test back, but I think I may be ultra sensitive to those.  I'd feel good for a few days after taking .25mg and then feel terrible, high anxiety, etc. after that initial period.  I've had a roller coaster of trying to get everything fine tuned.  Been to 3 different docs including one who claimed to be a male hormone expert.  If that guy would read just the first page of threads on this board he'd be better informed than he is now. 

So I got my blood test back from my physical last week.  My total t was 452, SBHG 24 and free was 110.  I'm on 25mg eod of clomid.  I've taken as much as 50mg ed, in the beginning before I found this forum, and that was a mistake.  E2 sky rocketed.  When I was on 25mg ed of clomid my t got in the 700 range but had difficulty with elevated 2.

I've also tried the low dose route of 12.5mg eod and can't find the results during that time frame.

Basically I'm having a hard time finding my sweet spot with clomid, which I guess is pretty common.  Anyone have thoughts on this?  I tried injections early on when first diagnosed and while I did feel good on those, I'm pretty sure they must've given me a hefty dose.  I don't feel like I'm ready to start injections at my age.

I'm on 25mg eod clomid, and just got blood work back, hemocratic was 45.8 and hemoglobin 15.7

I've not studied much on DHEA, is this one of those supplements we should all be taking or is there a blood test to determine if levels are inadequate?  I'll start reading up on it but just curious as to your thoughts.

Yes, there's an inexpensive blood test for DHEA-S, which acts as the reservoir for DHEA. You can go by this number in deciding whether to supplement.

I actually just went and looked at bloodwork drawn in May of this year and my Dr pull my DHEA level which was 268ug/dl and ranges were 89-427ug/dl.

Peak...  do you know anything behind the absorbency of oral magnesium and magnesium cream? Is one better than the other?  Iím currently using magnesium bisglycinate capsules  as I understand itís a highly absorbable form of magnesium. But just wondering if there be any benefit to switch into the cream.

I've always been under the impression that magnesium citrate had the best oral absorption rate.  Has anyone tried these creams?


I like that one - thank God AND Mother Nature...she often doesn't get proper credit lol  :)

You may not remember this - don't know how you could - but I would not have tried DHEA again if it wasn't for you.  And what a difference that has made.  That was actually personality altering - been a huge help.  I don't know whether I told you at work, but my boss actually noticed at work and commented.

I've not studied much on DHEA, is this one of those supplements we should all be taking or is there a blood test to determine if levels are inadequate?  I'll start reading up on it but just curious as to your thoughts.

I went to a hormone clinic with a 70+yr old urologist who decided to take on TRT in retirement. 

He prescribed me 50mg ed of clomid, and when asked about a sensitive e2 test he said no dr. would ever run that on anyone but a teenage girl.

That was my 2nd and last visit with him.

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