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Is liquid d3 better absorbed than a soft gel?  I'm assuming so, but just curious. 

Actually, you want mixed tocopherols and tocothienols, not just alpha or gamma forms.  It's not the easiest thing to find and it's pretty expensive.  I also don't believe in non-physiological doses of Vitamin E.

Expensive indeed. One 'balanced' formula from a well-known vitamin manufacturer costs about US$1 per capsule. Of course, that's for supra-physiological amounts - you won't find any mixed tocopherols with amounts close to the RDA, I hazard.

Which foods have all the tocopherols and tocotrienols in significant quantities?

Jarrow has a product called "Famil-e" and Life Extension has "Gamma E Mixed Tocooherols and Tocotrienols."  They are $9 and $12 per month, respectively (current Amazon prices).  They are both full spectrum, with only 150-200% RDA alpha tocopherol.

Hard to say if they have helped me at all, but they seem like decent preventative health supplements, especially for when your diet is not as good as it could be.

I'm amazon prime member and my prices were almost $10 more each. 

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: Percocet?
« on: November 07, 2017, 07:08:26 pm »
I'm curious about the GBA as I just started taking Gabpentin last night and from what I understand the two are similar.  I'm still trying study up on it.

I'm getting a physical this week to get blood work done but feel like maybe clmid has stopped working for me.  I feel worse than a year ago, more stress and anxiety, blood pressure shot up about 6 months ago and hasn't come back into range.

I found out that I have a Cervical stenosis and cervical osteophyte which is causing pinched nerve.  So along with that comes pain, numbness and tingling in my shoulder and arm.  Since all that started I quit working out and think that along with all of this neck stuff, has caused me to really start feeling like crap.

Not sure if I missed this in the thread but I have a question. Have you communicated any of these feelings with your wife?  If not this will certainly grow into resentment. If it hasn't already. I hate talking about stuff like this but sometime you just have to bite the bullet and let her know what you're thinking.

Maybe take her out on a date or somewhere away from the kids where you can have a real conversation. You do t have to tell her that you found what she googled. But I think y'all need to talk and  see if you can't get her side of the story.

I build things up in my head so much without asking and sometimes it's no where near as serious. Just a thought.

Wow. I donít know where to begin, so Iíll start with you. You need an attitude adjustment. This starts with a complete physical and TRT. Forget the small nads comment, unless you get yourself in order, no one is going to see them except you.  Start working out. Donít fool yourself about ďhaving a lot of muscle underneath the fat.Ē Thatís standard bro speak for I allowed myself to get way out of shape and want to pretend I still got something. Chances are you donít. The ďdoní Have time to workoutĒ comment is another story you tell yourself that holds you back. If you want to workout, you will find a way. Donít confuse going to the gym with this. Get some resistance band and squeeze in 10 minutes in here and there, just be consistent. Start walking with your wife or at lunchtime. I get it, I commute over two hours a day. Catch up on weekends with a harder workout Saturday and Sunday.

Yeah, your wife is looking at younger guys, why wouldnít she? Actually she sounds kind of interesting. A woman that age that works to stay fit is sexy to a lot of us, myself included. Get your hormones in check and get on cialis, 5 mg per day. Stop looking at porn period, start getting aroused by real women, including your CrossFit wife. Iíd assume she has a good body, start paying attention to that. With the higher libido from TRT and the ability that a pde5 will give your sex life should come back as soon as you get in better shape. A few nights of great sex can be a gome changer for you and your wife.

Your attitude towards your wife is pretty bad. Rethink what you feel about her. If this doesnít change none of this will matter. And, if it doesnít matter, then get it together for the next woman. Personally, I think you should work on your relationship. The CrossFit woman sounds intriguing. You probably have a wife with a good body that would be more than willing if you can perform, if sheís not already doing so with someone else.

And the ďIím not 60Ē comment was pretty insulting. Iím 63, workout daily at home, commute 2 1/2 hours daily, five days per week, have 11% body fat, and have sex 5 times per week with my wife of 30 years. Not bragging (well maybe a little) but want to show it can be done.

Sorry to sound tough, but this is all difficult to swallow. You are 45, an age that is make or break for a man. You can get it together or surrender to a bar stool, a remote, and jerking off to porn. Itís your call. The only reason you canít is your attitude. I had to be honest with you. Anything less would be disrespectful.

I needed to read your response!  Thanks

One last thing, she needs a good multi vitamin, I'm assuming they're not all created equal.  Any brand anyone like better than another?

Good info and thanks for the feedback.  She does have something called gastoparesis disease which is typically something diabetics have but in her case it's idiopathic, most likely caused by a virus at some point in her life.  We actually have to get her meds from New Zealand b/c they're not fda approved.  Very inexpensive drug that has been a life changer, but it's so generic the company can't afford to pay for the fda research. 

Anyway, She got a shot yesterday and I bought the b12 liquid and already have vitamin d3 liquid with k2.  Interesting he prescribed 1x 50,000iu d3 per week for 4 weeks. 

One other thing to notate is someone mentioned folate and yes, they want her to come back and get a test for that as well.

Whas crazy are the symptoms, I never would've though low b12 would cause the symptoms she's had.

Yes the d3 is ng/ml.  I agree, those don't sound like d3 symptoms she's had but the b12 matches up.  We have a shot nurse nearby and are going to go get a b12 shot, $20, and then get cranking on an oral supplement.

What kind of D3 symptoms did she have?    And yeah,  28 is low but probably not symptomatic.

 We weren't sure what her symptoms were related too, only that it had to be some type of anemia or vitamin deficiency, my first thought was d3 which was low but it sounds like the ultra low b12 was causing the symptoms.

The NP and Dr both said this was the lowest level of b12 they'd ever seen.

Her symptoms are extreme fatigue/tiredness even after a good night sleep, numbness and tingling in hands/feet and arms/legs and headaches for months.  Dr said she has probably had symptoms for a while but with our busy lifestyle, demanding careers and 3 young kids she might have just thought she was tired.

Dr prescribed 50,000iu d3 1x per week for 4 weeks, b12 shots every other week for 3 months and daily sublengual b12 and multi vitamin.

On a side note she dose have an idiopathic stomach disease that mostly only diabetics have.  She's not diabetic.  They think this is causing her to be unable to absorb nutrients and are forwarding results to her gastro dr.

Yes the d3 is ng/ml.  I agree, those don't sound like d3 symptoms she's had but the b12 matches up.  We have a shot nurse nearby and are going to go get a b12 shot, $20, and then get cranking on an oral supplement.

Wife started having odd symptoms of muscle weakness, tiredness, fatigue, anxiety, and headaches.
Went had extensive blood work and found that d3 was 28 and b12 was 111, normal range 200-900.

So she needs to get on b12 and d3 asap.  I've got a good d3/k2 liquid formula i get on amazon but i've always heard b12 supplements are not absorbed that great and shots are the better route. 

Anyone have a b12 supplement they recommend, or are shots the only way to go.  Also, I think she needs to get on a good daily vitamin for a while, any suggestions on brands?

Found a d3 + k2 supplement on amazon, says its plant based d3.  Is this a suitable form of D3?

I've been on adderall for 20+ years, maybe I should start backing off after reading some of this...

What would low SBHG be considered?  Mine is usually around 25. 

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: E2 Question
« on: August 24, 2017, 02:33:05 pm »
The thing that really gets me is that I have 2 dr's, who I feel extremely confident in there abilities as a PCP and urologoist, don't run the sensitive test, don't even show the option to run it, and don't know what it is.  My pcp ran free estradiol once, I mean what the hell is that, and he couldn't even tell me why he ran it.

Also, I went for about 6 months to a "Hormone specialist" here in town, not sure if I can mention the name but it's Execed Hormone specialist (Moderator remove if I shouldn't have listed that).  He didn't believe in running the sensitive test, said some bs about only running that in teenage girls or something.  I basically quit going to him pretty soon thereafter.

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