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Yeah this summit comes at an interesting time for me.  I have been on a high fat and high protein diet for over a year, trying to fix a bad case of IBS.  I also have heart disease.  About 10 days ago I stumbled onto this site.  I have been inhaling all the super interesting low fat stuff that you have posted.  What I have read has been strong enough that I have dropped my fat intake down to 15%, my protein intake to 20%, with the rest being lower glycemic carbs, like veggies, steel cut oats, rice and beans, and sweet potatoes. 

If you are interested I can jot down my lipid profile and my impressions of the diet in a forum post.  If that would be interesting to anyone let me know. 

If I can muster the will power I would like to follow a below 20% fat diet for a while and see what it does to my lipid profile.

Interesting.  I suppose if you wanted to take viagra or cialis, instead of going to the doc and getting a script, you could just take one of these supplements that have viagra in it.  Although you wouldn't know what dose it was. 

 Many guys on these boards and especially Peak will be interested in a free online summit.  Dr. Mark Hyman, director of functional medicine at Cleveland Clinic and author of a dozen books, will be hosting over 30 well known experts in the field of FAT.  That is, dietary fat and how it impacts health in general and also about weight loss on a higher fat diet. 

This is a free program.  You sign up at http://fatsummit.com/ and get access to several videos / day, each one hosting a well known expert in the field.

Peak will be happy to hear that Dean Ornish will be a part of this summit.  That should be interesting because Dr. Hyman is advocating that higher fat is not something to be afraid of.  In fact in a teaser interview Hyman stated that higher fat diets have better cardio-logic outcomes than lower fat diets. 

The summit is being conducted by Dr. Hyman in conjunction with the release of his latest book.  Again this is a free program.  You are allowed a day or 2 to watch each of 3 videos, and then the next set of 3 comes up and you will have a day or 2 to watch those.  I have seen other authors host these kinds of summits and they are usually worth the time.  I don't watch all of the videos.  Pick and choose the ones that seem most interesting.   

I have no financial interest in this.  Just passing along the info. 

Yes, I am one of those responders to T3.  I take most of it 1st thing in the morning and a smaller dose before noon.

I started on Armour thyroid just to see if it would make any diff in how I feel.  My THS was low but so was my free T3 and T4.  I have been on the stuff for almost 4 months.  I feel better on Armour than off of it.  But it has not been a revolutionary feeling, like some people get. 

@Peak.  Let me opologize in advance for missing this column on reducing LDL.  http://www.peaktestosterone.com/How_To_Lower_LDL.aspx

Although my line of questioning turned into "what to avoid" to reduce or not raise LDL .  Your column was what to eat to reduce LDL. 

I got tested for apnea and have very mild case.  I have tried CPAP, but it didn't seem to help.

As in, it didn't reduce your AHI, or as in, you couldn't get used to it?

I never got used to it.  I tolerated it for a month but I never did feel any more rested.  After that I got an oral appliance.  I tolerate that much better.  But I still do not feel any more rested.  And according to my Garmin sleep tracking, I don't sleep any better on the appliance than with out it.  Last time I had an official sleep test.  They said I was at 2 disturbances / hour using my oral appliance.  It's frustrating.  I feel just as tired w/ the appliance in as without it.  I have spent a lot of money to figure out why I am always so tired.  Better diet has helped somewhat.  But has not really fixed things.  I have been down the testosterone rabbit hole.  Not really helpful.  I do take Armour thyroid.  That has helped somewhat as well. 

@Fathomer.  IDK my LPa score.  For some reason my annual test did not include this measure.  I plan to follow up w/ my doc about it.  In fact I have an appointment w/ a cardiologist coming up soon.  I will see if I can get her to run it for me.  Regarding mega doses of VitC.  I take 1 gram / day.  Vit C has always given me loose bowels.  So the mega doses that Pauling recommends are problematic for me.

Maybe I missed it in what you gents have written.  But what is it that raises LDL-C numbers?
@Peak wrote that Refined carbs and low glycemic carbs will raise triglycerides, decrease particle size, lower HDL.  And Higher fat diets will in some guys raise LDL-P (and apoB).  I personally have awesome HDL and tri levels.  My biggest problem appears to be high-ish LDL-C numbers.  Oh and my weight is fine.  I have 11-12% body fat.  I do not want to lose any weight. 


Tx.  Rutin works on Cox-2 apparently:


Only comment is that I think you should work to have NO plaque.  If you have some, reverse it as much as possible.  You're right about the clot, but if a small piece of plaque breaks off, I don't think you can avoid a clot.

Yes Peak, I want to work towards NO plaque.  I'm confused about the role of fats in getting to no plaque.  Can you help?

I do not sleep well.  I am in bed for > 8 hrs / nite.  But according to my Garmin fitness tracker only 2-3 of those hours are in deep sleep.  I wake up tired.  I have trouble getting to sleep (have to take Ambien).  I usually wake up 1 time to go pee. 

I got tested for apnea and have very mild case.  I have tried CPAP, but it didn't seem to help. 

"""Intestinal microbes break down the essential nutrient choline, abundant in meat and eggs, into a compound that leads to hardening of the arteries.""" 

I have never heard of this.  That eating meat and eggs leads to plaque.  Is this something that everyone was aware of or is this new to you all as well?

DID you really???  I also have low temps and low energy.  That was what got me interested in the iodine topic.  I've been too chicken to go to such supra RDA levels.  Who's protocol did you follow?

Joe - slowing and stopping plaque growth is one thing - reversing it is another.  Having one calcium score that's lower than a previous one is pretty rare and may not last though the third one.  The TYP gold standard is to slow or stop the growth and make it stable so there is no thrombosis (clots).  That does not involve "low fat".  High fat, moderate to low protein and low carb is the current direction.

There's more to is but none of it involves low fat...

Good to know Steve.  Low carb I can do.  But I may be asking a bit much to want to reduce plaque levels.  Fair enuf.  stopping the growth is a good goal then.  I know Peak is big on reduced saturated fat intake, for nitric purposes I believe.  Does the TYP community have a consensus on that? 

That's a very good point Steve.  I really do not know what my iodine status is.  I tried messing around w/ higher doses of iodine and didn't feel any different.  But I would be wise to get tested before doing any kind of higher level dosing.  It's all good.  I wanted to comment because I hadn't known that kelp might have toxins in it that would defeat the purpose for which I am using it.

@Peak.  Actually my erections are fine.  Not as good as when I was 20, but the equipment still works well enough.. I don't have to take an ED drug.   I'm more worried about croaking from a heart attack and preserving my NO function.  Many of my relatives and family are obese/diabetic/heart disease patients.  And while I am "only" 40-60% blocked in my arteries, this still means that I have CVD.  I have done all of the obvious stuff... Don't smoke, I am 5'-8" and wiegh 145.  Body fat is 11-12%, I don't eat wheat or grains or GMO's, I just started lifting weights, I get 20,000 steps a day in.  My lipo profile is decent (high HDL, low tri's) but my LDL could be lower.  Oh and I am 53.

@Steve.  Thanks for the tip about the website.  Probably my tri's are low because carbs are only about 20-25% of my diet.  I have digestion issues with most carbs.  So I am high fat and high protein.  I am also very active.   My digestive issues with carbs makes low fat dieting a problem.  At first I was all excited to read Peak's and Dr. Davis's work regarding reversing plaque build up.  But it seems as if they are saying low fat is the way to reverse your plaque.  Maybe that is not so. 

maybe the proper question is, what is the best way to reverse plaque build up?  I already avoid glycemic foods and avoid grains.  I get 35-40 grams of fiber a day.  I walk 20,000 steps / day.  I am now adding weight work to this.  My A1C is still kind of high at 5.6, even though I avoid sugar and high fructose corn syrup.  Would going low fat help reverse my plaque build up?

I will chime in here.  I voted that I was unsatisfied user of cypionate.  I used it for 10 months and gave up on it.  I had total T levels at 800-1000, but I never did get the energy boost that many guys get.  I also experienced some distressing out of breath issues.  On the upside I did get noticeably physically stronger.

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