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I second what hrdlvn is saying. I do much better on testosterone only. Iíve tried hcg, dhea, pregnenolone, and various other things which for me caused terrible side effects and made dialing in a proper dose a nightmare. Keep it simple.

That definitely makes sense hrdlvn.

You can still feel food with low levels. Iím a long time user of trt and have tried stopping a few times and even when my levels were in the low 200ng range I still had days that were surprisingly well. Biggest thing for me is terrible insomnia whenever levels are low and general aches and pains.

I can take dhea but only 5-10mg per day without bad side effects. That amount will put my levels about the center of the range for dheas. 10mg raises my estradiol 6-7 points with the sensitive assay, so perhaps thatís why higher doses cause problems for me. HCG for me is literally like taking a muscle relaxer, I just feel lethargic and depressed even with small doses. Funny how subjective these things are.

I've did lots of reading over the years regarding hormones and been on TRT close to 9 years with mediocre results. There's theories out there regarding backfilling pathways with these three compounds, but positive results from these seem to be very evasive at best. I have tried all three at times, either alone or in combination with only side effects. I know for certain, at least for me, that HCG doesn't budge pregnenolone, DHEA or progesterone, verified by labs. It seems HCG causes more problems in general than positive results for a good number of men including myself and the same with DHEA and pregnenolone. To my knowledge anyone on TRT will be deficient in these upstream hormones, but is that just the way for the human body to attain homeostasis with the introduction of exogenous testosterone. I'm a firm believer that the less medications {hormones} the better and for me that certainly holds true. I wonder if more men were started on TRT with testosterone only, if there would be more success. The same with anastrozole, why on earth would a physician start a patient on this with our seeing a symptomatic response and labs after several weeks. For me testosterone only seems to be the ticket. Any thoughts appreciated.

I tried splitting the dose as well and it never really planned out until I cut the total dose. Good luck

I did start with gels and did well but had to stop due to cost. I use cypionate from Walgreens and it costs me $10 for 10ml bottle which pats 5 months. I will not use compounded medications so I choose the mainstream route.

FWIW for what itís worth. No I donít take AI and no one should unless warranted by labs or symptoms. Trust me itís best to keep things simple. Some people with high shbg do need larger doses but for me I feel much better at 60mg weekly. I could care less about building muscle and all that stuff. I just want to be healthy and feel normal.

FWIW I had the same issues with 100mg weekly and gradually lowered the dose to 60mg weekly and feel good the whole week. I have been on TRT well over 8 years and have high SHBG in the 60-70 range. My free t sits in the 10-12ng range at this dose and I feel drastically better than when it was 16-18ng in all areas. A lot of people including myself find after a lot of trial and error that lower levels tend to work better. I do 60mg once weekly with nothing else and feel fine.

Yeah Iím only talking a few months kept at room temp sealed and never punctured.

Just wondering if thereís been any testing that anyone is aware of regarding use of Cypionate beyond itís expiration date?

If it were me, I'd try something more conservative like clomid. You're really young to be committing to a lifetime of medication. I have been on TRT over 8 years and most of it has been terrible even with highly qualified doctors. That is a hefty starting dose in my eyes. I have shbg in the 70s and feel fine with t levels in the 600-750ng range. 150mg per week put me at 1360ng day 7. I am not a doctor and can't advise you what to do medically, but there's no way in hell I would commit to TRT with the levels you have without trying a conservative approach first.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: Low HDL
« on: August 17, 2018, 10:14:12 am »
Yeah itís confusing as to where exactly this does take place. An example with me is at 100mg per week cypionate my HDL is 54 and with Androgel itís 60-62.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: Low HDL
« on: August 17, 2018, 05:09:25 am »
The thing I can't understand about testosterone and HDL is, whenever I have used topical it raises HDL several points and does the opposite with injectable. I understand the injectable has to be broken down in the liver but is it compromising the livers function resulting in lowered HDL or is there something else happening to cause this?

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