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Today, I used a vial of T Cyp that I bought a year ago and it "feels" like a triple dose (at least ) for the same # of cc that I have been using.  Both this vial and what I have been injecting (Sq) are the same  manufacturer with the same concentration (200 mg / ml).

Effect is really, really noticable.

Has anybody ever noticed a difference in how they feel using an older vial or different lot number from what they have been using ???

I guess I'm wondering if the manufacturer is inconsistent in T concentration lot # to lot # ???

It seems like most guys on this forum are "Secondary", just wondering what is the most prevalent mode of Testosterone failure: Primary, Secondary, or Tertiary (or other) ?


"Male Hypogonadism" 2nd ed. by Winters (2017 edition), p. 306 states:

"...profiling of young adults revealed a strong association between SHBG and ciculating lipids and metabolites..."

Some guys on this forum have reported high SHBG, just wondering if any of them did a blood lipid panel at the same time SHBG was checked: were any lipids high ?

Regarding going through security at airports, wondering if xrays affect, in any way, Testosterone Cyp ?

Anyone have a comment ?


Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / HCG Subunits
« on: November 18, 2017, 03:40:34 pm »

know that b-HCG is used as a blood  tumor marker and after reading so many posts about guys using HCG, was wondering about the difference. The following helped me to understand the diff.


("GCT" is "Germ Cell Tumor")

GCTs produce an intact hCG molecule (a 38 kilodalton protein composed of α and β subunits normally secreted by placental syncytiotrophoblasts) and/or the β subunit of this protein alone.

The α subunit closely resembles that of pituitary hormones, including luteinizing hormone (LH), follicle-stimulating hormone, and thyroid-stimulating hormone. As a result, only the β subunit is measured by the most commonly available serum assays (as a tumor narker). The β subunit is a 70% homolog with LH but has a unique c-terminal extension that allows for differential identification by radioimmunoassay techniques.

The serum half-life of hCG is approximately 2436 hours. Normalization of hCG levels after orchiectomy (expected 46 days after surgery) for patients with stage I disease indicates likely elimination of the tumor, but persistently elevated levels should raise concern for residual disease. The extent of its elevation depends on histologic tumor subtype and the overall disease burden. With regard to NSGCTs, hCG can be markedly elevated with pure choriocarcinomas but is often only moderately elevated in conjunction with embryonal cell carcinoma and mixed GCTs. Elevations of hCG can also be seen in approximately 10%20% of patients with stage I seminoma and up to 30%50% of disseminated seminoma secondary to the presence of syncytiotrophoblastic elements within the tumor, but at serum levels rarely above 500 mIU/mL.7,8.


I'm my late teens. 20s, 30s, 40s, I really didn't think much about the future (age 60+).  Didn't really think much past the very near future and not very circumspect, living "in the now". 

 As I got into late 40s on, I began to seemingly automatically think more and more about the future, near and far, becoming more and more circumspect, sort of a ramping up, and less and less "in the now".

Also, like everyone else, my T levels began diminishing, in my case, in my late 40s, sort of a ramping down.

So apparently, planning was ramping up coincidentally as T was ramping down, both curves very slow (over a couple of  decades).

 I have not really realized the stark difference in planning and circumspection at maybe age 35 , and now until starting TRT injections.

Been doing injections now for 4 weeks (2x / week), and have found that I am thinking less and less about the future, near and far, and less and less circumspect, much more "in the now", both very noticeable to me, not like me at all for a long time.  And the only reason I  notice it now is because it has reversed so quickly.

Not unpleasant or bad though, as for example, it slows me down and makes me much more confident with women and enjoyment ln interaction with other people.

Downside is though, I have to make an effort to plan and be circumspect.

Anyone else notice anything like this on/off TRT ?


Trying to figure out what a "weekly" dose is in terms of "EOD"(every other day).

In various contexts, like switching from weekly to 2x / week, or EOD,
I have seen EOD stated in this forum as 3x and 3.5x,

30 mg EOD = 90 mg / week

30 mg EOD = 105 mg / week respectively.

And there seems to be yet another amount it could mean:

If the week starts and ends at midnight Friday night and,
Dose 1 is at 8 am Sat.
Dose 2 at 8 am Monday
Dose 3 at 8 am Wed.
Dose 4 at 8 am Friday

That's 4x (120 mg) per "week"

And could be 4.5x (135 mg) cause the next dose is at 8 am 24 hours later on Sat. morning.

What does EOD really mean to most guys ?



So I went to my Dermatologist today for my semi-annual skin checkup ( I live in Florida).  While there, I asked if the exogenous T injections I have started will increase skin thickness.  He said flatly "no" without even thinking about it, just jumped right out with it.

This guy is really an Ace skin C doc who has saved a couple of people from skin C, but I gotta wonder about him in other areas. 

I am 71 and I can tell you, in my case, skin began thinning around 67.  This was a couple years after T began to seriously diminish.  Maybe it needs to get down past a certain trip point that begins a cascade (E2, etc.) that causes skin thinning (but doesn't happen overnight) ???

 I did a quick Dr. Google and the very first hit says:


" In addition to increased protection from collagen and elastin degradation, male skin can also thank its increased thickness to androgens. Androgens, including testosterone, yield a denser network of collagen fibers than that found in female skin."



In men the testosterone level is high and it helps to thicken the tissues surrounding the dermis and epidermis layers of the skin. Thicker tissues stimulate the fibroblast cells for more collagen production creating a high collagen density that allows for more absorption into the skin thus create more elasticity.

Last, and by no means least:


For the past 25 years, I have always (with only one exception), gotten all steroid  blood tests done on the third day after orgasm.

I do this cause I feel sexually different the 1st, 2nd and 3rd days after orgasm, so  I'm thinking that T (E2, SHBG, etc.) levels are changing every day. There is not much difference between 3rd and 5th day (thinking, feeling), so do tests on 3rd day.

The reason behind all this is that I want consistency in test results (week-to-week, month-to-month, year-to-year).

(Given same lab and test methodology for all tests)

So, my questions are:

Do T levels change significantly every day after orgasm ?

And level out (more or less) ?

And is it worthwhile to continue making sure I do the tests on the 3rd day ?

doin it

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Anyone doing SubQ DAILY
« on: September 29, 2017, 10:25:53 pm »
Age: 71
Primary Hypogonadism
Low T
High LH
High FSH
Medium high Prolactin
5'10, 167

Have tried T cream (disliked) and T Alc Gel which did not much but put DHT over the top (what a number that was), off and on over the last 5 years.

Starting SubQ T soon with the "start low and go slow" mantra.  Also recognizing that Dr. Crisler says that 80 mg SubQ is equivalent to 100 mg IM (which puts a lot of hypo guys in the 500 to 800 range).

I have all the above readings for the last 25 years and when I felt best, was around 500 to 600 ng.

 So, will begin with 50 mg per week which should put me in that range.  I am trying to figure out whether to do every day, EOD, or 2x / week.

IMOPO, recognizing that LH and T release are pulsatile, diurnal, are highest in the am, and then diminish the rest of the day (mine drops by about 22 % by 4:30 pm), I think that the body organs and all those billions of cells get a break from the T in the evening and very early am (B4 3 am).   I have not read this anywhere, just my opinion (do they NEED a break?).  So, I think I would like to do daily but am concerned about all those holes (365 per year; 36,500 10 years, etc.).  Is anyone doing SubQ daily?  If so, any comments would be more than welcome.

Doin it

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