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Usually if you are on TRT I thought these supplements shouldnt be affecting T levels as you are on a completely artificial HPTA.

Then again I have no idea. A few weeks after ketamine therapy my T was all the way to the 1200s with no change in protocol and still relatively low doses of TRT

Well, according to these 2 articles, tongkat ali will definitely increase your testosterone levels:

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"Tongkat Ali extract takes a separate approach, boosting the number of Leydig cells.

This assists the body in utilizing its natural hormones in a far more practical fashion. The result of this is a lack of rebound effect seen with synthetic alternatives, and a far higher boost in testosterone.

Additionally, Tongkat Ali releases the bind between SHGB (sex hormone binding globulin) and testosterone, preventing the hormone from being useless in the body. Releasing this bind lowers the SHGB levels, and allows the body to use more of its free testosterone."

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"In 2012, a study that consisted of seventy-six men, only 35% of whom had normal testosterone levels, was orchestrated. It was reported that after one month of supplementing with tongkat ali, the number of men in the group with normal testosterone levels jumped to over 90%."

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