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Too much L-tryptophan for too long still has the potential to do some harm

you mentioned that above in your quote Cataceous, do you full clinical Studies please, of Any Rapid onset or Long term Health conditions and Permanent damage to health by taking L-Trytophan in supplement form every single day of the week?
... I feel my best with E2 between 22-26. If I let my E2 go to 37 I will have high E2 sides. My SHGB runs 24-29

Remind me what your E2 sides are...
water weight I lose my abs, I get a wave of emotions over reacting to sad events. These days I can detect it right away. I'll pop an anastrozole (.125mg) and in a few hours the emotions will go away. I can usually get my abs back in 7-10 days.
I wouldn't generalize to say SSRIs are bad in every case, and anyone who's suffering from severe depression should not be messing around with supplements. See a doctor!

That said, for mild-to-moderate conditions experimentation could begin with dopamine and serotonin boosters. Of the latter, L-tryptophan is one step safer than 5-HTP, which bypasses some internal regulation. Low-and-slow is always preferred with the dosing. Too much L-tryptophan for too long still has the potential to do some harm.
... I feel my best with E2 between 22-26. If I let my E2 go to 37 I will have high E2 sides. My SHGB runs 24-29

Remind me what your E2 sides are...
I'd said in the first page that combining a SERM with TRT generally doesn't work. This was based on statements by Dr. Saya. Since then I've learned that his beliefs on that have shifted, and Defy even has some patients on a SERM/TRT combo. Your results support the idea that a SERM can help with maintaining LH/FSH even with pretty substantial TRT dosing. I'd be a little uneasy about taking that big of a tamoxifen dose long-term due to possible liver toxicity. [Edit: just noticed that's EOD, not ED, so somewhat less worrisome.] Except for that, I think maybe you could just drop the hCG. The point of it is to keep the testicles active. But if tamoxifen is already doing that then you might do better without the hCG, as it stimulates estradiol production. You could compensate if needed with a little more testosterone, or other things. The estradiol result could help you decide where to go from here.

Some background to answer your question: LH is delivered in pulses, so what's measured isn't always representative of its overall behavior. Normally TRT/hCG causes LH and FSH to drop to very low levels. The tamoxifen is counteracting this by making your body think that estradiol is low. However, the magnitude of the effect isn't totally predictable. So LH is causing your testicles to make some contribution to your total testosterone, but it's probably something like a quarter or less, and the rest is provided by the enanthate, and a little by the hCG also.
SSRI Drugs by the BIG PHARMA industry, yes are 100% BAD only.   5-HTP however it is not a SSRI you can look this up much as you want it's absolutely not a SSRI.  5-HTP is a precursor to Serotonin by itself, and absolutely SAFE on a low dose everyday.  it's natural herb too which is a Big benefit. it's probably even 100% SAFER if you have a SEROTONIN deffifency first. and need it.  only reason to supplement 5-HTP is if you have SERVERE Depression caused by Consistantly LOW Serotonin levels.
Trt significantly lowers my cortisol unless I take ssri with trt
Very conclusive  ::)

Overall, according to our systematic review, both beneficial and adverse cardiovascular events can be discovered following the chronic use of various types of SSRIs
This may sound "wierd"

But maby not enough E2?
"Guys going to low can't get it up on viagra"

Just a thought after you have ruled out the rest.
I was going to suggest his E2 is too high because of the low SHGB. I feel my best with E2 between 22-26. If I let my E2 go to 37 I will have high E2 sides. My SHGB runs 24-29
Hi guys,

Just got the results of my latest blood draws. And I realize there are a lot of things I still don't understand... In clear, my Total Test and Free Test have increased somewhat, while FSH and LH have decreased or remained the same at the same time. So here it is, (with the previous blood draws) :

Total T :  625ng/dl (228 and 265)
Free T : 20ng/dl (7.7 and 9.2)

FSH :    2.8 U/L (2.2)
LH :     1.9 UL (3.6)
TSH :    2.79 mU/L
Prolactin : 4.8 ug/L (6.2)
Homocysteine : 7.09 umol/L
Estrogen results aren't out yet.

At the time of the draws, I was taking 18mg of T enanthate every morning (126mg/week), with around 1500IU HCG per week taken EOD, 20mg tamo EOD. Also still using Ipamorelin + CJC every day.

Once again, the main goal is to achieve optimal sexual function. At the time of the draws, sexual function was okay, nothing wow. I guess it would have to do with low LH and FSH ? Can't say I was feeling that great either. Also noticed my balls were quite smaller some days, some days they were normal size.
I don't understand how T can raise somewhat significantly while LH and FSH are dropping or staying stable. Could that explain the lack of improvement of my sexual function ?

Thanks in advance guys.
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