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200 mg sounds a bit much , my back pimples play up when to high , drop dose a bit

I dropped down to 120mg per week in split doses and it didn’t clear it up. My dr wants me at 160mg and I’m back at that until I get labs Friday. I’m thinking somewhere between 120-160mg is about right if my e2 is within range. I feel a little tired and not as good at 120mg. I’m gonna request he test for shbg and sensitive e2 this go round.
I'm starting Xyosted and was curious whether it matters if you inject in the abdomen (as per the auto injector instructions), or in the thigh?

I had been using T. Cypionate in the thigh area, with an insulin needle, so it was painless and easy.  But go figure, my insurance company won't pay for Cypionate, but will cover Xyosted....so I switched.
To agree with the labs as above but too when E is too low it can be impossible even with Viagra. I might disagree that your E is too low but this is a rather fair sign of low E, as is painful joints.
I agree with Cat.  You need to pull some labs.  I can tell you from experience when your E2 gets too low or too high, Viagra/Cialis is essentially useless.  I doubt that you have developed major resistance to the drug over 8 months.  However, that is something you want to keep in mind over the long haul.  My guess would be e2 is out of whack with that much AI.
C-Reactive Protein is pretty annoying.  It messed up my labs as well with sensitive tests in the past.  How does one minimize their C-Reactive Protein prior to those tests, or is that even healthy/safe to do so?  I'll have to read up on it.

I believe C-reactive protein is a marker for systemic inflammation, and as such you'd like to minimize it all the time. If it's high enough to throw off the immunoassay estradiol tests then it's definitely too high.
Two out of six times I've had the LabCorp sensitive test give a result that was about half what it was supposed to be. I can't speak directly to the Quest results, but these mass spectrometry-based tests are still pretty tricky and can be very wrong when not done perfectly. A solution for some is to calibrate with the standard immunoassay test. It is idiot-proof and has been very consistent for me. The problem with these "standard" tests is some cross-reactivity to other molecules, such as C-reactive protein. But if you have low levels of the problem substances then these tests provide a good check against the sensitive tests. I mainly rely on the standard tests now, with only occasional verification via a sensitive test.

C-Reactive Protein is pretty annoying.  It messed up my labs as well with sensitive tests in the past.  How does one minimize their C-Reactive Protein prior to those tests, or is that even healthy/safe to do so?  I'll have to read up on it. 
Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: Huge Difference Between Labs
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Blood tests = magic 8 ball operated by the wizard of oz
I think it would be good to get some lab work. Check as many things as you can, including testosterone, SHBG, estradiol (ideally using the sensitive and regular tests), progesterone, etc. I have concerns about your estradiol going too low with that relatively large dose of anastrozole. I believe this is sometimes a cause of intractable ED.
Aveed is testosterone undecanoate in castor oil. The half-life is probably about a month, and injecting monthly is probably comparable to injecting testosterone cypionate weekly. In other words, monthly injections may work, but the chance of success is greater if injected every couple weeks.

If the half-life is 4 weeks  ... why do they make you wait 10 weeks for the next injection?

Presumably it's analogous to testosterone cypionate, where standard protocols used to be injections every two-to-four weeks, much longer than the half-life.
Hello guys,

6 months ago thanks to the forum I learned about low T. My Free T was very low around 1 %. 4 x higher SHBG + 5 x estradiol. Yeah SUPER high...
Low DHEA + LOW progesterone.

I started by eating a bit better, testosterone cream everyday and progesterone cream everyday.. 2 + 25mg DHEA daily + zink as I was low on that too. 2 months ago started Arimidex and I have NEVER felt better.. I feel STRONG.

BUT, my penis just got issues.

I have multiple & new partners, almost on a daily basis…

In the last 2 weeks I have had 8 sexual episodes…I had 4 episodes with women in the last 2 weeks where I cant be hard, even if I use   sildenafil/Viagra. I have used that on average 3times a week for about 7 months with great effect..So I have taken viagara/Kamagra for 8 months straight with no problem.  All those 4 episodes happened even though I took the medication…My morning wood is semi to non existing. Have almost always been the last few years (im 31)

And I have NEVER experienced a problem when I take the pills up until now.

My lifestyle:
- No sleeping rhythm whatsoever, I sleep late in the AM. I never have a same time I wake up and go to sleep. Im a business owner since 16 so never had to adjust combined with trauma as a kid I guess I have never been able to treat it.
- I have been taking Valium every 2nd-3rd day the last 1 month (it started there, so Im thinking this could be reason), because I have had sleeping issues for 15 years.
- I exercise a lot (maybe overtraining), I´m a fighter.
- I´m using testosterone cream (have used for 4 months) + taking 25MG of DHEA a day + Progesteron cream + zinc Pills 50 mg. Have done for 4 months.. Worked great for mood.
- Starting Arimidex/estrogen blocker 2 months ago (I think I feel fantastic because of it.. Now Im at 1MG a week, half MG 2 times a week).

I know its hard to give a solid advice because obviously many things could be going on. But the fact that I cant get hard when I have new incredible beautiful women by my side AND I have taken Viagra I can not understand….

Your advice would not only benefit me, but a bunch of other women.. lol…

On a very serious note. I dont mind being on viagra but when that doesnt work then Im kinda fucked. If I put porn on and so on I can cum, (even though I dont watch porn usually, but I tried to today.. and I can get hard for a second and then it goes down to 60 % again.. U know what I mean).

What to do ?
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