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Re: Issues and problems after taking clomid (need opinions)
« Reply #15 on: August 13, 2016, 03:34:27 pm »
Sent this to Peak T as a PM yesterday and he wanted me to share it with the whole forum so all of you guys who may of experienced what I am going through can chime in. So I copied and pasted the message below. Thanks and please respond if you have any experience here or insight.

Hey Peak T. This forum is great.it's given me some insight dealing with a sudden onset of low t last November (discovered after a nasty viral infection) and also trying to conceive with my wife. I wanted to see if I could get your opinion on my situation since you have alot of experience in this area. I know you are not a doctor nor would take your response as medical advice. Took 50 mg of clomid as prescribed by my urologist for low t and low sperm count. Took it for only three days strait before headaches, lightheaded ness and eye floaters started. Quit it 23 days ago, still having syptoms since I quit. Can coming down off of only three 50 mg doses of clomid causes fatigue and mid day headaches. I stopped taking it about three weeks ago. I can't do much physical activity without feeling rundown afterward. Though my strength when I go to the gym is good, after I finish lifting, I feel extremely tired and get headaches. Today I went on a long walk for over two miles, and after I finished I felt like I just ran a marathon. I did get my blood pulled 11 days after I took my first of three does of clomid, and my results were as follow

Total T 454 was 284 before the three doses of clomid
Estradiol 31.8
LH 4.7
FSH 2.9

I wish my body could tolerate clomid. Could all of my physical issues be from coming off of clomid? Have you ever heard of anyone else suffering like i have after taking clomid. I know it has a 7 day half life and i have read that some doctors feel one of the two drugs in clomid has a 14 day half life. Me and the wife are going to a fertility specialist on Tuesday, he is one of the best in north carolina. Hoping maybe he could give me some insight. My urologist told me he doesn't think my estradiol is high, he believes i was just extremely sensitive to clomid and to give it time. I cannot sleep very long without waking up since I took the clomid. I take ZMA and that use to knock me out and help me get good sleep, now it does very little. My libido has died since taking the clomid, and I am struggling to have sex which makes trying to concieve very difficult I am also getting an ultrasound done on my testicles tuesday to check for varricoceles. I have had aching pain off and on for a while and have varicose veins on my scrotum. I am just trying to get back to how I felt a little less than a month ago, as even though I had low T, I did not have any of my current issues and could work all day and work out at the gym without hardly any issues. Thanks for taking the time to read this and any insights would be great. Thanks man.

Hey, as I'm sure you know by now, 50 mg is a high dose.  Many guys do 12.5 mg MWF and this minimizes the possibility of side effects.  Of course, some guys don't get enough of a T boost from this and have to bump things up a little.  But I'm just point out that that that is a hefty dose.

I'll second PeakT here - I felt about 1000x better on 12.5mg 3x/week than I did on 50mg.  A lot of Docs seem to start folks off on the higher dose, but I've rarely heard of (and certainly haven't experienced) any benefit to it and, in fact, it seems like most folks have adverse reactions.

Couldn't hurt to pull additional labs (if you haven't already), like TSH, Free T3/T4, DHEA-S, etc. just in case your lingering symptoms are the result of something else upriver.
I am not a medical doctor.  All suggestions are meant to be discussed with your doctor.

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Re: Issues and problems after taking clomid (need opinions)
« Reply #16 on: August 13, 2016, 11:16:33 pm »
Most of your symptoms sound like low T symptoms in my opinion.  Other than the floaters of course.  That is a high dose of clomid but I can't imagine after taking only 3 days you would continue to have these symptoms from the Clomid, thinking it's just the low T.  I've been on Clomid for almost a year now and it has taken a while to find the right dosage and manage my e2.  What about HCG, is that an option and does that preserve fertility?
I feel like my TV might be crashing back down to where it was pretty clomid 284. I did not have NY of these problems when I was at that level for months though. Do you think I will feel like I did before once my body readjusts?

I would think you could get back with in a month or so.  Some of what you describe sounds like an e2 issue as well, I know you mentioned e2 was at 31 which might not be bad for some, but for some may cause issues.

Do you still have the floaters?
I still have one or two floaters. Got my eyes examined, full scan the whole of yards. Eyes are healthy. Doc said anything that stimulates the pituitary like clomid can cause floaters to possibly apear. Said they were already there, but clomid could have caused them to intensify. My urologist didn't think my e2 was high, but I was super emotional for a couple of weeks, that has gone away a week ago. I was thinking maybe some charcoal to flush out my system might help. Calcium glutamate maybe too to lower e2, but I don't want to crash it either.

Your doctor should go back to med school. Clomid does not trigger floaters because it stimulates the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is nowhere near the visual cortex, and it's not even situated literally next to the optic nerve either!

Clomid affects eyes because it's a drug, and certain drugs affect different parts of the body. I've used nolva, raloxifene and other SERMS with zero issues with my eyes, and that's because those drugs do not induce optic toxicity for me, yet they are still stimulating my pituitary (admittedly much less so than clomid). Think of it rationally, for example accutane has been known to cause floaters, but it's a drug that is still working on the skin. Even paracetamol has reports of making people go blind! Drugs cause all sorts of unexpected side effects, look through any leaflet in the pharma box next time you get one. Clomid has a serious affect on the eyes. I would know, I have dozens of floaters because of using it on PCT (50mg EoD). Stay the fuck away from it the moment you notice tracers, floaters or any kind of visual disturbances. My life is shit nowadays because I am plagued by floaters, black ones, translucent ones, all which appeared 5 months ago when I did clomid on my PCT. It hit me out of nowhere, and I'm certain it was the cause because it would be a huge coincidence to go 26 years on this Earth with zero visual problems, start clomid (and change nothing else in my life) then get floaters, tracers, bad glare etc etc. As far as I can tell, clomid fucks up eyesight badly for some, so you experience changes in your visual cortex or other parts of the brain, meaning you read light differently so start getting 'errors' like tracers, static and glare. The floaters you may already have become more visible, but I  therorise it's possible that these may also increase due to possible accelerated degeneration of the vitreous from the toxicity of the clomid.

So 5 months on and I have zero improvement. Never touching the stuff again and will just do PCT using other SERMS. I advise everyone to stay the fuck away if you notice any changes.

This is why I will never try clomid. I already have some floaters and the odd thing is they all started around the time I started getting low T symptoms.

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Re: Issues and problems after taking clomid (need opinions)
« Reply #16 on: August 13, 2016, 11:16:33 pm »


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Re: Issues and problems after taking clomid (need opinions)
« Reply #17 on: August 15, 2016, 01:44:07 am »

This is why I will never try clomid. I already have some floaters and the odd thing is they all started around the time I started getting low T symptoms.

Floaters will tend to happen if you are nearsighted, especially significantly.  The "flattening" of the eye stretches the cells within the eye.  At least that is what my eye docs told me.  So there is more than one cause.
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If you are on medications or have a medical condition, always check with your doctor first before making any lifestyle changes or taking new supplements.  And low testosterone is a medical condition.

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Re: Issues and problems after taking clomid (need opinions)
« Reply #17 on: August 15, 2016, 01:44:07 am »