Author Topic: You can make your own steroids at home, but I donít advise it!  (Read 12764 times)


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You can make your own steroids at home, but I donít advise it!
« on: February 01, 2012, 02:27:00 pm »
The subject of testosterone replacement therapy has come up on the forums quite a number of times-it is a relatively new development in Western Medicine with the introduction of steroid products in the 1960ís- though the molecule was isolated and itís structure illustrated in 1934. The scientist who discovered it was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1935. But did you know that the Chinese were isolating sex and pituitary hormones as early as the second century BC? And therefore beat western medicine by 2200 years! No? Neither did I until I came across the book the ďGenius of ChinaĒ by Robert Temple http://www.amazon.com/Genius-China-Science-Discovery-Invention/dp/1853752924

Apparently testosterone can be isolated from urine by a process known as sublimation which basically boils off the liquid portion of urine at temperatures of between 130 and 210 degrees to leave behind a sublimated residue. You can ďdistilĒ testosterone from urine because there is no decomposition of steroids up to 260 degrees. Similar to laboratory experiments you may remember carrying out at school, the residue collects on the bottom of the ďlidĒ of the saucepan that the urine is boiled in. This results in white crystals, which reminded the Chinese of autumn hoar frost, so they called it ďautumn mineralĒ. A similar method is used to extract testosterone today by modern scientists. In fact Temple claims that fertility drugs given to women today to make them produce more eggs are extracted from the urine of menopausal nuns in Italy.

In medieval China this was done on an industrial scale and apparently for every 150 gallons of urine you got 2 or 3 ounces of sublimate of hormone crystals.  In fact between 1025 and 1833 AD they discovered at least 10 different methods of obtaining sex and pituitary hormones published in 39 different books. The methods of course have been refined and improved upon by western medicine. But before you go and create your own batch from the aforementioned crude sublimation process, the sublimate would need further purification to get rid of urea salts and so on. So donít bother unless you want to poison yourself. But according to Temple they were undoubtedly ďhighly effective, concentrated hormone substances with pronounced biological effects on patientsĒ.

Reading Templeís book is one of the reasons I stuck with my Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Doctor for so long -because I believed that their system has a much longer and broader perspective on ED than western doctors- ancient wisdom if you like. Since my TCM doctor knew about this crude form of HRT, he could easily have given it to me, and presumably we could have just followed the same conventional path that other men have gone down on this forum. But from the TCM perspective he decided stress was a much more likely cause of ED for someone of my age- and I tended to agree with him-considering my recent history.

The following is an extract from a google doc which covers the same ground as Templeís book, and saves me typing out the whole chapter on Ancient Chinese Endocrinology. https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&q=cache:d2xk2KpvovgJ:www.futuremedicinenow.com/pages/ancientHormones.pdf+the+genius+of+china+ascheim&hl=en&gl=uk&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEEShLzfVZBAx
The fact that my TCM doctor has attempted to use acupuncture for this problem and has concentrated on two pathways one down my front from the head to the penis and dorsally from the head down my spine- suggests to me that he is aware that there are two main axes relating to ED. Tentatively I would suggest these correspond to a pathway for nocturnal erections and another for waking erections. Thatís of course pure speculation on my part. He has also given me different herbs depending on what pathway he is trying to stimulate.

Anyway I just thought everyone should know this, because it has certainly coloured my thinking about the problem.


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Re: You can make your own steroids at home, but I donít advise it!
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2012, 03:53:49 pm »
Well, that's a new one!  I've read that Premarin (a synthetic estrogen for women) is made from horse urine but that's the first I've heard of using human urine.

Besides potentially poisoning yourself, there's the issue of T-levels, PSA, red blood cell and liver function monitoring that needs to occur as well!
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If you are on medications or have a medical condition, always check with your doctor first before making any lifestyle changes or taking new supplements.  And low testosterone is a medical condition.

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Re: You can make your own steroids at home, but I donít advise it!
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2012, 03:53:49 pm »