Author Topic: Labs: Thyroid Levels Tanked -- ALA or other supplements to blame?  (Read 1839 times)


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Got my results back and my usual free T3 of 3.5-3.7 is down to 2.8 pg/ml (2.0-4.4).  Free T4 is down from usual 1.6-.7 to 1.38 ng/dL (.82-1.77).

These are numbers that are lower than I've ever tested even off of thyroid meds.  So I looked through my symptom tracker notes, and I've added a few supplements in the last few months, during which I've noticed a 10-15 pound increase in water weight (estradiol came back at 20 pg/ml).  These include 200 mg ubiquinol/coq10, 25 mg P5P/B6, 4700 mg (RDA) of potassium citrate (K levels barely budged, sodium is actually at the high end of 4.3), cordyceps mushrooms 1.5 g, 1600 mg quercetin, and in the last week alpha lipoic acid 250 mg.  ETA: I had only been taking ALA one day before getting labs pulled, so it's doubtful it's to blame. 

Both quercetin and ALA have been documented (though I can't find hard research) to slow down the thyroid.  Turns out in looking through my notes, of all my labs that measured thyroid hormones I was only taking quercetin for one of them, and here only for about a week (levels were normal); all other times I wasn't taking Q.  I've never measured thyroid while taking ALA.

Does anyone know if any of the supplements I've mentioned can slow down thyroid this much?  Any research is welcomed. 

My plan now is to come off potassium for a week or two (no really noticeable improvements from it), taper off quercetin over the next few days, but stay on ALA as this is rec'd by Mariano for mitochondrial function (as is cordyceps). 
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