Author Topic: Doctor says my levels are too high.......I don't care, I feel great!!!!!!!!!!  (Read 5129 times)


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To sum up TRT in three words, I LOVE IT!!!!!

Doctor put me on 1 ML per week for the last three months and I just had my first follow up blood work done the other day. It came back higher than normal and now he wants to cut it down! :( It came back at 1237 ng\dl but everyone is different and I'm feeling great at that level!

I had stage 3 melanoma cancer 3 yrs ago that spread to my lymph nodes. After two lumpectomy surgery's in my left and right inguinal areas, I then began my journey through a year straight of interferon chemotherapy. Right down to the day, from Jan 20th 2010 to Jan 20th 2011. Of course it was the worst year of my life and I was actually making peace with my life and saying my goodbyes because I was under the assumption that my days were limited at that point. Well I guess the good Lord wasn't ready for me at that point because I'm still here to tell about it. The one thing that I never regained from that whole ordeal was my since of feeling normal again, and just feeling really good inside. After my chemo they said it would take about another 6 mos. to start feeling back to normal again. After my two year anniversary of no more chemo and still feeling like crap inside, I finally had to do something to change it.

Long story short, I found a doctor that would work with me and offered to try TRT. I was very excited to try anything at that point. Well low in behold it worked!!!!! To me now I consider it as my "miracle juice" and I don't never want to stop it nor decrease my dosages because they are working for me. At this point I'm not really concerned what the side effects are of "too high levels" nor what some quack doctors have to say about the disadvantages or the risks of having too high levels. Until they have the facts in black and white that its dangerous, I might, and just might have an ounce of condensation but until then, It's a miracle to me because I got my life back and then some!

At 44 yrs old this is the best I've ever looked or felt considering the fact that I was preparing to meet my maker 3 yrs ago! I honestly go to the gym now 5 days a week 3 hrs. a day and actually working out the whole time, and I look forward to it since I have the energy now. I'm now at 225 lbs with about 10% body fat and I'm seeing my body change in ways that I've never seen before. I have more energy now than when I was 17. Plus my wife is really liking it because she says that I'm acting 17 again when I comes down to our bedroom time "which is a lot more now day's" If you know what I'm talking about!

To end my personal story of what a great decision I thought it was that a doctor would even try this therapy. There is just no words to express my gratitude of how this has helped me in more ways than just one. It honestly cured every side effect I had of Low T and I had quite a few.

 If you have symptoms of Low T, stop watching yourself grow old in the mirror while you just stand there. Fight to get your life back because it's possible and it's just within your reach. It's okay that some of us need a little help, and this for sure is the one thing in your life that you'll be glad you asked for!!!!! I sound like I should be a spokesman for TRT! LOL

Good luck and don't give up hope. Keep looking and find a doctor that'll help you. Preferably a woman doctor because after all the egotistic male doctors I went through, I finally found a woman that would help! And females don't even know actually what we are going through or feeling inside. Go figure!!!!! 


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Congrats on the many victories, especially with the cancer! 

Actually, many of the HRT clinics will put a man in the 800-1200 zone when on cypionate, so you're in the ballpark there.  How safe is that?  Well, no one has looked at it formally in a study as far as I know, so you have to make your own decisions, which you obviously have!

I just posted in the other thread a bunch of HRT success stories and I'll include yours now by the way...

Now one comment about the high testosterone:

1.  Make sure you get your estradiol monitored.  High testosterone in most men will mean high estradiol which kills all the positive effects of the HRT, mostly due to aging and additional weight gain through the years.  Personally, I don't think it's wise to walk around with elevated estradiol even though the studies have not showed any issues with prostate cancer to date:



2.  I'm going to guess you're a pretty thin guy.  And going through cancer treatment and remission may have thinned you out further.  But I would still drop as much fat as you can if you are overweight.  You may not want to go superlean as there is some evidence that your body needs a little fat in times of illness, but you definitely want to get that fat down.

Your estradiol is probably fine based on how well you are doing, but I'm just giving you some info for your own personal research and discussion with your doc. 

And, again, kudos!
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If you are on medications or have a medical condition, always check with your doctor first before making any lifestyle changes or taking new supplements.  And low testosterone is a medical condition.

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