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Fundraiser for Family of Lee Myer, the Man that Created

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Curt Moyer (pen name Lee Myer, or PeakT on this site) passed away last week in a car accident.  He helped thousands of men regain their health via his website for the last 10 years.  He was also the author of the book Natural vs Testosterone Therapy. He is survived by his wife and three children who are grieving the accidental death of a man going through the peak of his life.  The funds you donate will greatly help his family to cover funeral costs and medical expenses as his son was injured in the car accident that took Curt's life. If you have been helped or touched by Curt's work, please help us raise funds for his family.  His legacy will live on as we all celebrate the life of a highly altruistic man whose life was suddenly cut short.

All funds are directly transferred to his wife.

Please click here to help:

Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

Nelson Vergel

Thank you, Nelson.  Peak is luck to have you as a friend.

I am not particularly religious.  But if there is any reason for me to be on this planet, it is to do my small part for a selfless man like this.

Rest easy, Peak.

Thanks for helping set this up Nelson.  I will be donating today.

Dr Justin Saya, MD:
Anything helps fellas, even $5, $10, $20 especially when spread over the thousands of lives he's touched, either through direct communication or indirectly through the information on his site/forum.

Joe Sixpack:
Thank you for setting this up Nelson and Dr. Saya.  I just chipped in.


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