Author Topic: Does taking DHEA lowers Test levels??  (Read 5338 times)


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Re: Does taking DHEA lowers Test levels??
« Reply #15 on: February 09, 2018, 01:22:34 am »
Have you taken DHEA, by the way?
Yes, I've been taking 12.5 mg a day for some years now.

I see. Do you know if it has helped you in increasing you DHEA levels? I mean objectilvly by lab works? I am asking because
 after having 25 mgs daily during 10 days, my lab work reported a very low level as I said in a  prior reply. (1.95    .06-13.37)so it means I was very very low before starting with the 25 mgs , and ,do you know if  it decreased in some way your test levels?  By the way, I did the calculation with the Total Test level they give me and it is correct, of course, with the level of 700s they got. I'll make them repeat it but I doubt they are wrong.

Before supplementing with DHEA my level was measured as 100 ug/dL. Several measurements since have been in the range of 280-300 ug/dL. Supplementation was very effective. I do not believe it has had a perceptible effect on testosterone, and I don't see a plausible mechanism for it to do much to testosterone when we're on TRT. Look at a steroidogenesis diagram. You would know if DHT increased by 300 ng/dL, and you'd especially know it if estradiol went up by 3,000 pg/mL! If you're injecting a consistent amount of testosterone then it's got to be somewhere.

Mmmm, this is very confusing for me, since I didn't change anything but the DHEA. I'll make them repeat the lab work. I hope any Dr jumps in and give and opinion on wether DHEA has something to do with this.

54 years

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6 click of  HGH daily
1 ml of Progesteron cream daily
Half pill of Arimidex once a week

Last lab tests

1.50 ng/mL                                       0.21 - 1.54

26 pg/mL                                              5 - 66

Testosterone Total

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Testosterone Libre (free)

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Testosterone Biodisponible

* 645.0 ng/dL                                        98.0 - 590.0

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin

 23.4 nmol/L                                              11.2 - 78.1


 3.8 g/dL                                                  3.0 - 5.0

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Re: Does taking DHEA lowers Test levels??
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