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Download my free 386 page illustrated book: Beyond Testosterone


Hey guys!

I will make it available for sale in a month but want to make it available to all now.

In this free 386 page illustrated Beyond Testosterone book, you will learn key information about:

Testosterone Basics & Questions
Testosterone Side Effect Management
Clomid for PCT, fertility or low T
When Testosterone Is Not Enough
Blood Test Discussion
Important Testosterone Blood Test Articles
Testosterone and Men’s Health Articles
Prostate Related Issues
Resources and Suppliers
Questions for Specific Doctors & Experts
Expert Interviews
General Health & Fitness
Workouts & Routines
Health & Wellness
Nutrition and Supplements
Mental Health
Thyroid, Cortisol, DHEA, Prolactin, and others.
General GH Peptide Use & Information
Clinical Use of Anabolics and Hormones
HRT in Women
Información de Testosterona
Doctor and Clinic Reviews
Compounding Pharmacy Product Reviews
Supplement Reviews
Blood Testing Company Reviews
Book Reviews
Gadget and App Reviews
Other Men’s Health Product or Company Reviews

Download the ebook here:

Let me know if you have any comments or edits, please.  It took me over a year to go through all references to collect tables, graphs, and more.

In health,

Nelson Vergel

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