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How I Got My Morning Erections Back

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--- Quote from: phatphish on August 24, 2013, 07:22:16 pm ---Actually, I don't need to drop one of them out as I started on them one at a time. I've seen the difference in what they each do and what has happened as I've increased the dosages one at a time. I learned a long time ago the value of doing one supp at a time.

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Phatphish in your opinion which of the 3 was more potent and more responsible for your success ..i really want to follow this ive tried them  and mixed them  but no joy..
whats your circumstances ...what was the severity of your ED ? or was it just loss of morning erections you suffered tell us more  i always get excited on success stories

Phatphish please tell us more ...whats your age please and how long ..were you suffereing ED ? or just loss of libido or low T ?

Ok, here goes, I'm not sure which one does the most. I started on them one at a time and saw moderate results from all three. It was when I combined them that things really started happening. I know from research that Tribulus is sketchy at best. Form what I understand, it will only help if you need help, which is why most of the studies show no improvement, because most of the studies have been done using healthy young men. As far as my background: my problem is different than most guys here. I had a prolactinoma. I'm not a very good poster so I don't know how to post the link, I have another post called "prolactinoma experience" on one of the other boards. But, I started going into ED when I was in my late 30's. About that time I also started having headaches 24/7. But because I'm a migraineur my Dr.'s didn't look any further. So I spent a few years on antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds, and lots of pain meds. When I was 42 after a nerve racking honeymoon with my second wife, my Dr. put me on Viagra without an exam of any kind. Said it was my age. Well, it worked, but with consequences.  Always get a migraine when I use it. So, for years I've been searching for a better solution. I am now 55 years old. Had my surgery to remove my tumor about 2 years ago. Have been on test. injections ever since. My Urologist actually found my tumor after Androgel quit working and decided to test my Prolactin level, which was way high. So I still use Viagra, but the supps listed above make things work alot better. As I said, I've not had a morning woodie for about 20 years, until now!

As a side note, (just thought about this ), I do have a fair amount of testicular atrophy going on because I was so low Testosterone for so many years. I found that using Progesterone cream stopped the atrophy. You can find more about this by googleing men and progesterone. Lot's of research done by the late DR. Lee. Anyway, when I started the red ginseng, I noticed my balls were firming up. They used to be mushy and hanging low all the time. Now, after a bottle and a half of tribulus, they are actually putting on weight! (getting bigger), and they are moving up down like they did when they were working!


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