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healthy recipes
« on: August 03, 2012, 07:10:45 pm »
healthy recipes are ones you can make at home and have no saturated fat, no transfats...
food is a drug, unless you think the fat people of the world are fat cause being fat is so awesome....it invokes the same reward pathways as drugs do, but less potent(ever wonder why methheads arent fat?)

I'm making this thread to look for reciepes of food I can eat that arent going to kill me.
As much as your body hates you(wants to sleep, not move, not exercise, have sex and eat everything) I want foods that I can use to fuel my body..
I get my fat from efas and you dont need saturated fat, so why take it? so anything you health people like, I'd love to try

I make/eat:

I eat egggwites for protein and carlsons fish oil(unflavored), which means no excitotoxins.... byt
1 glass filled with a small amount of pomegranate juice
2 add in a bunch of fish oil
3 cover in pomegranate juice(to to get 4-8oz of 100% juice)
4 chug and close your nose, unless you like fishy stuff

I use my Vitamix blender to make healthy shakes
-1lb  broccoli flourets
-1 cup blue berries
2 apples
handful of prunes
distilled water
---this tastes alright but the same thinking applies to the eggwhites I use for protein, its fast, no chewing and it's great fuel for the body

-air popped popcorn, no butter
black grapes

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healthy recipes
« on: August 03, 2012, 07:10:45 pm »