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Low E2, Appetite, Thyroid
« on: July 30, 2014, 03:23:15 am »
I've been snooping around online about a connection between estrogen and appetite, because I've been having low E2 for the last few weeks (an unexpected result from going subq) and been more hungry than usual, and putting on a pound or two of fat according to my fat caliper record.  Has anyone heard of a connection between low estrogen and thyroid?  I ask because I've heard that low estrogen (for women, at least) causes low free T4 and therefore higher TSH.  And because my old results from a month ago when I was still on IM but unintentionally went too low in my total T, leading to an E2 reading of 18.5 pg/ml, involved my highest TSH reading ever at 4.17 uIU/ml. 

If there is a connection, my guess is it goes something like low E2 (because of low T level or overuse of an AI) causes increased TSH and lowered FT4, which slows down metabolism and increases hunger and weight gain via increased appetite.  Interestingly, assuming the E2 were to remain constant at a low level, the increase in fat mass would result in higher aromatization and therefore higher E2, self-correcting the problem through the body's feedback mechanism style. 
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Low E2, Appetite, Thyroid
« on: July 30, 2014, 03:23:15 am »