Author Topic: Zinc alone brought me back.  (Read 7844 times)


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Re: Zinc alone brought me back.
« Reply #15 on: August 24, 2015, 01:47:58 pm »
Regarding HDL(high density lipoprotein)maybe there's something I'm not getting, but HDL is considered a 'good' fraction, meaning it keeps the fat emulsified, reducing the possibility of it hardening in the arteries.  It's news to me that high HDL is a negative. 

As for zinc, I too have read pros and cons of taking 100 or more milligrams daily.  Dr. George Eby, the biochemist who helped develop zinc cold lozenges, found, during the clinical trials, that some men wanted more of the lozenges.  Talking to one of these men, it turns out he had angina that wasn't even relieved by nitroglycerin but taking lots of zinc seemed to help.  Dr. Eby researched this and found that, indeed, zinc can dilate and clean the coronary arteries.  Doing a clinical trial, it was found that doses of 180mg for one to two weeks did the trick.  However, the man who had the severe angina needed 300mg, daily.  Then, after regaining his health and endurance, his cardiologist told him he no longer needed to take zinc.  A week later the man died of a massive coronary.  The caveat is that if you are taking high dose zinc(100mg or higher, daily)self ordered labs or labs through your doctor are appropriate.

On a personal note, I've been off the forum because of ongoing marital problems.  Doing heavy time in couples therapy and there is a possibility the marriage could end.  It would be a great relief to me, since my wife has serious emotional problems that have raged since the day we met and she takes no responsibility for the emotional damage she's inflicted on me.  Why'd I marry her?  Because I'm a shmuck.   I hope everyone on here is doing well.

HDL has some controverisal aspects.  For example, Niacin's claim to fame is that it raises HDL - but it does a lot of other great stuff - and has had a couple of lackluster studies.  (I think this is largely explainable however.)  In addition, there was a recent HDL raising drug that was causing heart issues instead of helping them.  Some people have argued that HDL is not as powerful in and of itself as imagined but rather is simply a marker (along with triglycerides and the ratio between the two) of insulin status, which in turn controls particle sizes and counts.  So it's a pretty involved subject, but there's a lot of research behind HDL, so I wouldn't ignore that...
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Re: Zinc alone brought me back.
« Reply #15 on: August 24, 2015, 01:47:58 pm »