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Nutritional Hair Testing: A Valuable and Inexpensive Tool

We recently has a man on the Peak Testosterone Forum that was suffering from low testosterone and classic low testosterone symptoms.  Since he is a young guy, he had many voices (including myself) encouraging him to try to find the root cause of his low testosterone.  In the course of the discussion, he asked the following question:

“Question – should I push for a full micronutrient blood panel? That might shed some light on what I am missing if it’s a micronutrient problem. Tim Ferriss wrote extensively about this in The 4-Hour Body but shelling out a ton of money for these tests will be hard for me.” [1]

The “ton of money” that he is talking about involves Spectracell nutrient testing, which, as of this writing, runs $390 to $520 per test. Is there any alternative that is less expensive and yet can provide good information that I can suggest to this young guy?

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