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Low Carb Diets: Side Effects and Risks

Low carb diet have had several major blogging defectors in recent years, such as Matt Jones and Anthony Colpo, and has received some gentle criticism from leaders such as Chris Kresser. I believe that Chris Kresser has handled the subject very well, who basically points out that a certain percentage of his patients begin to experience rather severe side effects from low carb diets after a few months or years. From what I have read, around a third of men will struggle. In addition, many men consuming Paleo are essentially on a low carb diet and experience many of the same issues. If you’re struggling just add in some good low glycemic carbs. (There are good carbs and bad carbs, somewhat similar good fats and bad fats.) Please note that I am NOT saying all men will do poorly on a low carb diet or that it is not appropriate in some situations.

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