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Do You Have Symptoms of High Estradiol?

See if you have the standard high estradiol symptoms in men:

In Step 1 you pulled your estradiol and, hopefully, with the best test your lab has to offer.  If your estradiol was below about 15 pg/ml – discuss with your doctor what he or she actually considers to be low estradiol – then you want to see if you have the standard symptoms to go along with it.  Here are 10 Classic Symptoms of High Estradiol in Men:


–Low libido

–Gyno (gynecomastia)

–Bloating / water retention.


–Erectile dysfunction


–Poor sleep

–Loss of morning erections

–“Mental fog”


LONG TERM:  There is evidence that high estradiol levels in men can increase the risk of stroke, accelerate arterial plaque and be a causative factor in BPH (enlarged prostate) and prostate cancer.  See my pages on High Estradiol and Prostate Cancer and High Estradiol and Arterial Plaque for more information.

Hopefully, you have a knowledgeable and proactive physician that will pull your estradiol for you and discuss results.  If he/she will not, due to costs or whatever other reason, you can pull estradiol yourself without a doctor’s order through one of these inexpensive labs:  Testosterone Labs.

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