Hibiscus Tea: How To Make It

Imagine a drink with no caffeine and no fructose that will drop your blood pressure, increase blood flow and very likely help with your erections.  (For the research evidence for all of this, see this page: Hibiscus Tea and Erectile Dysfunction.) That drink would be hibiscus tea and, better yet, it’s very cheap and accessible. Here in Arizona, hibiscus tea is extremely common and is sold in bulk as Jamaica in all the hispanic grocery stores. It is very common in Mexican and related restaurants, but sugar is always added to it.  While delicious that way, I don’t recommend the sugar of course.  It is fairly bitter, but, when you consider all the that is doing for you, it’s well worth getting accomodated to the taste.

“So how do you make hibiscus tea?”  That is a question that a few men have asked me on the Peak Testosterone Forum, and I answer it below.

STEP 1.  First of all, let’s look how the hibiscus tea looks when you buy it raw and in bulk.  It’s a rich, dark, purple color and, again, will be sold by the name Jamaica in big tubs or possibly even in open bins side by side with things like the beans.  This is a much cheaper and more potent way to get your hibiscus.  Sure, you can buy it in cute little tea bags, but I’m not sure how much good that will do you.

CAUTIONS:  If you have low blood pressure, talk to your doctor first before using hibiscus tea:  it’s that powerful.

Basically, you just take a handful of the raw hibiscus – see below – and put it in a glass container as shown below:


STEP 2.  Then you pour in hot water right on top of the hibiscus.  I usually use a 2 standard plastic bottles to one handful of Hibiscus.  As you can see below, the water turns dark purple almost immediately.  I let it sit for a few minutes, but that’s all that is necessary:


STEP 3.  The final step is easy:  you just pour the mixture of water and hibiscus through a sieve which will leave you with a just the hibiscus tea.  All I can say is “Enjoy!” and tell your partner to watch out!


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