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How to Get Off of Cialis and Viagra

Many of the men on the Peak Testosterone Forum would like to stop Viagra or Cialis but just don’t know how. Some research indicates that you can Become Dependent on PDE5 Inhibitors and so greater dosages are needed to achieve the same effect. And since these are medications with frequent and significant side effects and so, as the dose increases, so does the chance for issues. Men realize this at a certain point and try to quit, but it’s not easy.

That is why I was excited when one of the members (TimeZones) of our forum was able to successfully stop Cialis and Viagra and, more importantly, did it using purely natural strategies.  In fact, when you read his protocol, it’s basically just common sense and living the way the most elite supercultures live.  I guess it is no shock that it would work well to restore erectile function as well.  (See my pages on A Reveiew of the Longest-Lived Supercultures for additional details and my header page on PDE5 Inhibitors for some basic information on the pros and cons of Levitra, Cialis and Viagra.)

Just how did he do it?  Here is how he described his protocol in this thread:

DISCIPLINES: “The BIG THINGS you want TO DO are: WALK (at least an hour per day) JUICE (celery especially, followed by spring mixes) EAT HEALTHY (plant based, low/no fat, unprocessed, moderate/low carb)

DIET:  “And you know what’s funny? The diet I’m on now is exactly what Jack LaLanne and Dr. Esselstyn (google “Forks Over Knives”) preached/have been preaching for years. I only found out that my diet mirrored Jack’s after googling the name on my juicer (it’s a Jack LaLanne brand juicer). Anyhow, moderate fish, 5-6 egg whites per day, and plants with more plants and pounds more juiced vegetables is the way to go…I used to think that taking PDE5i’s would — and should — cure ED while buttering up foods, adding olive oil to everything I ate because “it’s a healthy oil,” having saturated fats (e.g. cheese, animal products), etc etc then wondering why 10+ mg of cialis wouldn’t work. Now, I see that my diet is more linked to my ED than anything else.”

EXERCISE:  Plenty of WALKING (2 hours per day).

DIET PART 2: ” Again, the BIG THINGS you want to AVOID are: FATS (avocados, oils of all types [especially canola and olive]) STAYING SEDENTARY BAD DIET (anything that isn’t whole foods and plant based IS POISON)

SUPPLEMENTS: I have experimented with garlic and vitamin C, but in general, L-citrulline is the best supplement ..Cacao and ginseng are good, too.

Interview on Quitting Cialis and Viagra

I had many questions for him and did a follow up interview shown below.  First a few important comments and cautions:

1) Why a low fat diet?  The primary reason is that saturated fat lowers nitric oxide and sludges up the arteries.  Young guys can usually eat a lot of saturated fat and not notice the different in their erections.  However, as arterial plaque builds up and a guy ages, he becomes more and more sensitive to it.  Wild game and most natural foods are relatively low fat:  we simply weren’t designed to handle the fat-marbled high fat industrial meats.

NOTE: Of course, it’s always prudent to implement lifestyle changes, because erectile dysfunction is often a sign of the beginnings of heart disease. However, I do want to point out that we also had a Peak Testosterone Forum member Quit Cialis Cold Turkey.

2) Why primarily plants with some fish and egg whites?  Plants increase blood flow, lower blood pressure and raise nitric oxide.  This is the subject of my book The Peak Erectile Strength Diet.

3) CAUTIONS:  You have to be careful with raw cocoa as many of them were found to have high levels of cadmium.  Also, you want to get at least 10% fat in your diet from what I have read to ensure mineral and vitamin absorption.  The supercultures mentioned above are usually in the 15-20% range, but I feel better, like TimeZones, nearer 10%..

Below are the follow up questions I asked him, which outlines the underlying causes of his Cialis and Viagra usage and how he was able to quit:


Q. What is your age and how long do you think you had erectile dysfunction before you started your new program?

A. I’m 33 and my ED started at 28. My protocol started at age 32 and has been ongoing, since.

Q. What do you think caused your endothelial/arterial issues? Smoking? Western diet/lifestyle? Other?

A. I had a history of competitive bodybuilding (AAS use) and long-distance cycling. I have always been fit, but these were the main culprits.

Q. What made you want to quit? I believe you had some nasty side effects, right?

A. I wanted to quit due to the development of PED5i tolerance development. In other words, I saw that if I continued down the path I was taking of daily cialis/viagra that total tolerance would develop.

Q. How much were you taking at the time, what drug and how often?

A. I was taking 20 mg of cialis every other day when using cialis, and when using viagra, I was taking 50-100 mg per day.

Q. And how long had you been taking PDE5 inhibitors?

A. I had been taking PED5i’s since age 28.

Q. You mentioned that you walked two hours every day. So do you walk two hours straight or break it up?

A. I walk for two hours straight. I haven’t experimented with breaking it up, but that’s a good idea that I may look into.

Q. Why not throw some jogging in there? (I like the idea of just walking so as not to overtrain, but I was wondering what your reasoning was.)

A. I have foot and knee issues, so I don’t jog. I may start jogging once my foot issues clear up. Thanks for the suggestion.

Q. Are you doing any other kind of exercise, such as weight training or HIIT?

A. I do light weight training 1x-3x per week. I don’t do any HIIT.

Q. Why two hours? Have you tried walking a lesser amount of time, but it didn’t work?

A. Two hours seems to be the most natural time to be outdoors at a stretch. I’ve been walking upwards of 3 hours, some days. Lesser time doesn’t seem to be as effective toward ED amelioration, either.

Q. Are you consuming a low fat diet? 10-15% of calories probably?

A. Yes, I consume a low fat diet. 10-15% would be an overestimate, even. I’m guessing that it’s 10% maximum.

Q. You mentioned that you follow a cross of Jack LaLanne and Dr. Esselstyn’s diet? In other words, you’re 95% vegan except for those egg whites, eh?

A. That’s correct. With the exception of fish and egg whites, my diet is exactly what Dr. Esselstyn uses. Jack LaLanne’s diet is exactly like mine. I didn’t try to mimic Jack LaLanne’s diet, either; it just came naturally to me through trial and error.

Q. How do you implement this? Cooking? Smoothies?

A. I do a lot of juicing. More on that later. As far as cooking goes, I don’t do much of it. Most of the food I eat is done with a rice cooker where I basically put different grains and legumes into a pot, and then when its almost finished cooking, I’ll put whatever vegetables I want inside with everything else. I bake salmon fillets and eat sardines out of a can. Egg whites are fairly easy to get precooked at Trader Joes.

Q. How important of a role do you think high nitrate foods plays in your protocol? And how much of those are you consuming roughly? Can you give us an exmample of a typical day?

A. High nitrate foods are very important. Probably the most important. I consume the majority of my high nitrate foods using a juicer. Celery, beets, kale, spinach, arugula, etc etc.

Here’s a typical day:


  • Juice the following:
  • beets, celery, chard, spinach, kale, cilantro (1 quart of finished liquid).


  • small piece of wild caught fish 3 days of the week
  • omit fish other 4 days of the week
  • salad greens (spring mix)
  • grains (rice, legumes, etc)
  • 1-2 quarts of water


  • Vegetable mix
  • Egg whites
  • Non-fat sauce of some type
  • Black beans
  • Corn
  • 1-2 quarts water

Following meals most days I’ll have a couple of kyolic garlic pills and a cayenne pepper extract pill.

Q. Where do you get your carbs? Do you consume any wheat or refined carbs?

A. I don’t get much wheat. I avoid anything refined or processed.

Q. So you have no nuts or oils of any kinds?

A. No, I don’t have any of those. Occasionally I’ll sprinkle chia seeds over one of my meals.

Do you get morning erections?

A. No. I get them at night. The ones I get at night are the ones I use as a judge for how well my diet/activity during the day affected things.

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