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How To Lose Weight The Easy and Healthy Way

Most of the men who write me wanting to improve their erectile dysfunction or low testosterone are significantly overweight. The truth is that they don’t need to be told that their spare tire is an issue – they’re experiencing the symptoms first hand!

Many of them have struggled all their lives with weight issues and many of you reading this are in the same situation.  Rest assured, though, that losing weight does not have to be the laborious, painful experience that so many make it to be.  The key is to understand your body, your hormones and a few tips and tricks that the research has uncovered.  For example, did you know that one study showed that if you lose weight by diet along you will lose muscle? [25] However, if you add exercise to your diet, you will lose primarily fat and maintain your muscle. Again, many people, even in the health community, are unaware of this fact.

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