Cosmetic Procedures: Total Privacy and Secrecy

A lot of us males want to look younger and better, but we don’t want a soul on planet earth to know about it.  Okay, maybe the wife or girlfriend can know a little something – she might find it attractive – but not much.  We would like easy, quiet ways to knock the years off of our appearance without obsessing over it like many of the females around us.

Well, guys, you can accomplish all those goals.  You can knock years, even decades in some cases, in complete privacy.  Some of the techniques below can be done without a soul on planet earth knowing about it.  Some of them require one or maybe two to know about it.  Take a look and start looking better in just a few weeks.

Remember:  appearance – we hate to admit of course – is better for your relationships and your career.

Complete Secrecy – Not a Soul Can Know
1.  Lifestyle. First of all, if you eat right, sleep adequately and use sunscreen, you’ll see a strong improvement right away. In fact, it is critical – as I point out in my link on Skin De-Wrinkling and Skin De-Aging – to do these or you will undo all your other efforts.

2.  Do It Yourself.  Use Dr. Todorov’s SmartSkinCare Info Packs.  His Info Packs tell you how to make your own Vitamin C and other topical solutions that have a proven track record in diminishing wrinkles. You can purchase and make all of his products with not a soul on planet earth knowing about it.

3.  OmniLux New-U LED System.  LED light treatments have been done for several years now in doctor’s offices (a.k.a. Gentlewaves) and were approved by the FDA for the sensitive areas around the eye.  The reason is that LED treatments are gentle and have “no pain, side effects or downtime”.  However, you can now by the above system for over the counter home use and is sold as the OmniLux New-U.  The beauty of this is that no one ever needs to know.  These systems works through the application of infrared and red light to the skin which then stimulates collagen production.  This is beautiful, because the eyes are very difficult to treat effectively without injuring and inflaming the thin skin around the eye socket.  Yet it is critical if you want to shave years off your appearance as studies reveal that people look at the eyes to discern the age of someone they meet.  The eyes are the “window to the soul” and to your biological age as well. The general consensus is that LED treatments tend to work well to remove fine lines and wrinkes in the eye and some surrounding areas.  There are a couple of studies showing its effectiveness. [2] .

Almost Total Privacy – Only My Doctor Can Know

3.  Retin-A (Forehead Wrinkles).  Retin-A is a proven wrinkle fighter.  It is prescription only, but the nice thing is that once you have the tube, you can discreetly apply it at night without anyone knowing. (It’s best to keep it in the refrigerator, but of course that opens up the possibility that someone unwanted may see it.) See this link on the Skin for more information.

4.  Botox (Nasolabial/Crowsfeet).  Botox is generally a no downtime procedure.  Many people go back to work after receiving treatement and the treatment itself is very short as well making it very unlikely that anyone will ever know you had a treatment.  (It is possible to have bruising or small needle marks, but these are uncommon issues.)  Please see the section on Botox in this link for cautions and side effects regarding Botox. CAUTION: Some research indicates that treating crows feet with Botox can increase feeling of depression due to the loss of neural feedback. [2] For other cautions, see my link on Cosmetic Surgery for Males.

5. Dysport.  Dysport is the “New Botox”.  I just passed a sign that was advertising Dysport at $4/unit and Botox at $10/unit.  Dysport, however, takes 2.5-3 times as many units per treatment as Botox, so the cost is roughly the same.

6. Hyaluronic Fillers such as Restylane (Throughout Face).  Same as Botox.

7.  Microdermabrasion   Microdermabrasion is called the “lunchtime peel” for good reason:  it has little to no downtime.

There you have it: six treatment plans that will very likely take about twenty years off of your face. They are all fast and easy and secrecy and privacy are virtually assured.  With even a little discretion, you can keep this a secret for decades.

We think that your biggest issue is going to be all those annoying clerks and cashiers carding you again.


1) J Cosmet Laser Ther, 2005 Dec, 7(3-4):196-200, “A study to determine the efficacy of combination LED light therapy (633 nm and 830 nm) in facial skin rejuvenation”


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