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Nymphomania: Causes and Conditions

Imagine a woman that thinks about sex night and day.  She has trouble controlling her sexual urges and is “hypersexual” by almost any standards.  She often struggles with nearly constant erotic dreams, fantasies and the need for orgasms.

Some of you are thinking, “How do I find a woman like this?”   Well, life with a nymphomaniac is not always what it might seem:  she often struggles with emotional detachment, compulsive behaviors and relational infidelities. True nymphomania can actually be not just a woman with a healthy libido, but a woman with an underlying medical condition.

So if your woman has an excessive, to the point where it is interfering with her daily life, sexual desire, consider these organic causes of nymphomania.  This is especially true if she has had a sudden dramatic increase in libido and desire as well.

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1.  Hypothyroidism.  An overactive thyroid can cause sexual desires to spiral out of control.  /p>

2.  Ovarian (follicular) cysts. Strangely enough, some ovarian cysts can lead to hypersexuality, because sometimes the growth is estrogenic.  The increases estrogen boost libido dramatically, in some cases to unhealthy levels.

3. Parkinson’s Medications.  These drugs, which are dopamine agonists, can lead to all sorts of compulsive behaviors, from gambling to nymphomania. [3]  Around 25% of patients will struggle with some sort of impulsive behavior.

4.  Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.  OCD behaviors and hypersexuality can often go hand-in-hand. [3]  One journal article relates the story of an obsessive-compulsive woman who was “having intercourse up to 30 times in 24 hours”. [4] After medications and considerable therapy, the clinicians felt relieved to get her down to bring her sexual activity down to no more than three or four days per week and no more than four or five partners per day!

5.  Temporal Lobe Disorders and/or Epilepsy.  Conditions in this area of the brain have long been assoiciated with nyphomania.

The bottom line is that if your woman suddenly develops nympomania, rather than breaking out the champagne, you may want to take some time to research whether or not there there is an underlying physiological issue.


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