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PT-141: A Future Dopamine-Related Erectile Dysfunction Cure For Some Men

PT-141 should never be used without a doctor. It is a melanocortin and melanocortins are involved in anhedonic depression. One of our members experienced anhedonia after a one time use of PT-141.

One of the posters on the Peak Testosterone Forum that I admire most is Inigo. If you’ve followed this site at all, you will have noticed that he has tried everything under the sun to cure his erectile dysfunction. He has tried many of the rather “exotic” treatments and guest authored his experiences in the section of my site called Alternative Erectile Dysfunction Strategies. And I will send men there who have tried all the traditional treatments, such as the natural cures on my site and, if necessary, HRT and/or PDE5 Inhibitors. When nothing else works, one of Inigo’s articles may inspire them and provide a solution where nothing would. I am sure he has helped countless men in rather desperate situations.

Unfortunately, though, he has not been able to help himself – that is until PT-141 as you’ll see below.  My theory is that Inigo has been helped through PT-141’s dopamine agonist properties. Look at this excerpt from an abstract regarding PT-141:

“Previous studies have shown that melanocortin peptides have facilitatory effects on dopaminergic neurotransmission…D(1)-like receptor binding was increased in the nucleus accumbens and the caudate putamen, but reduced in the substantia nigra (reticular part), whereas D(2)-like receptor binding was reduced in the caudate putamen, but increased in the periaqueductal grey, substantia nigra (compact part) and the ventral tegmental area. These data…support the hypothesis that melanocortin peptides may regulate the activity of central dopamine neurons.” [1]

Inigo’s experience is a perfect example as to how an erection involves so many different systems in the body and brain – hormonal, arterial/cardiovascular and the neuronal as well.  While he has not completely cured his erectile dysfunction with PT-141, it has improved his morning erection tremendously and he believes that now intercourse would be possible with the help of a PDE5 inhibitor.  His experimentation with PT-141 is documented below:

CAUTION:  You do always have to be careful about priapism, which is an erection over a couple of hours.  This can destroy the inside of the penis and be the end of your sex life.  Also, as far as I know, PT-141 is not approved yet in any country.  As much as I admire Inigo, I would definitely wait until for your country’s approval and for a more in depth safety track record.  On the forum, we had a very interesting PT-141 Thread where some side effects were reported. Dosage is also ill-defined and unknown at this point.


My Experience with Bremelanotide (PT-141)

Bremelanotide (PT-141) has been developed from Melanotan II , which was initially developed as a sunless tanning agent, but which was found to induce spontaneous erections. It is a synthetic melanocortin agonist, and acts within the brain, and not directly on blood vessels. Its full method of action isn t fully understood, but is in part a dopamine agonist.

Clinical Trials. A trial published by Rosen et al in 2004 reported on inhaled PT-141. See this thread. It was administered in doses between 4mg and 20mg. Mean plasma concentrations were highest after thirty minutes, and had reduced to low levels after eight hours. Good safety was reported even at 20mg doses. The effects of PT-141 became apparent in as little is 30 minutes.

A second report by Rosen et all, in 2004, on 4mg and 6mg doses of injected PT-141 in dysfunctional patients, concluded that

“The erectile response induced by PT-141 was statistically significant at both doses. PT-141 was safe and well tolerated in both studies. The erectogenic potential of PT-141, its tolerability profile and its ability to cause significant erections in patients who do not have an adequate response to a PDE5 inhibitor suggest that PT-141 may provide an alternative treatment for ED with a potentially broad patient base.”

10mg PT-141 was injected into the non-dysfunctional patients. Only injected doses over 1mg were thought to give a significant improvement. 50% of dysfunctional men in the trials were restored to normal levels of sexual function and, as you might expect, PT-141 worked better in combination with PDE-5 inhibitors. Hypertension was observed in two patients with a history of hypertension (but not the others). 4mg of sc PT-141 was thought to possibly equate to 20mg of inhaled PT-141.

In 2008 another report, on rats, by Dr Shadiack, opined that the frequency of erections increased in a dose-dependent manner. In addition, with repeat doses of bremelanotide, spontaneous erections continue to be produced without evidence of tachyphylaxis. Repeat dosing also results in a reduction in the time to first erection. (Dr Shadiack once worked for, and owns shares in Palatin.)

Despite these promising reports, work on the PT-141, either injected or inhaled, ceased in 2008 due to concerns over hypertension.

However, in March 2012, Palatin Technologies restarted Phase IIb trials using a subcutaneous delivery system that has even less effect on blood pressure. A positive report into the trials was released on 8th November, but this treatment is now for female sexual dysfunction. The effect the drug would have on men isn t mentioned. In December 2014 Palatin Technologies announced an intent to begin phase 3 trials .

Purchasing and Using PT-141. There are a number of sites offering PT-141. I ve used [edited] who delivered the day after ordering. With a 20 vial of PT-141 containing perhaps eight or ten doses it s an inexpensive medication, – compared to, say, Vitaros.

The PT-141 is generally available in 10mg vials of freeze-dried powder, to which you add 1ml of sterile water. This is best done using a syringe to squirt the water into the vial. The powder quickly dissolves and you then fill syringes with the liquid, or fill nasal sprayer with the liquid, and keep them in a fridge. (Some reports suggest storing in a freezer is better, but if you re only storing them for a couple of weeks it s probably unimportant.)

Online Reports.  Looking at online personal experiences, recommended doses seem to vary between 0.5mg and 2mg for injections into stomach fat. This is a lot less than was used in the Rosen trial. Reports also claim an injection takes around 4 6 hours to kick in, and lasts for somewhere between 24 and 72 hours. But the effect is a bit unpredictable.

Reports suggest headaches and nausea are common side effects. (Affecting about 1 in 3 patients according to Rosen.) Back pain, vomiting, facial flushing and diaphoresis (sweating) were also reported. It seems that side effects lessen with repeated use. It also seems that used too regularly and the pro-sexual effects often lessen too. Looking at personal experiences of online bloggers there are a few reports of bad reactions, and many reports that PT-141 works reasonably well. Some folk report a short term down the day or two after using PT-141

My Experiences. I tried PT-141 on 9th January 2015. I injected about 0.8mg. No obvious side effects, though five hours later I felt a little cold and my back ached for a while, but I wondered if this was a coincidence. Two self-tests , one after three hours and the other after ten, suggested increased erectile function. That night I had pretty continuous npt, and still had an erection whilst putting my trousers on the next morning. (A first for a couple of decades.) But a naked romp with new woman 36 after injection (and no Viagra) showed no advantages. (But she was 59 unexciting, we just had a heavy meal, and I hardly knew her.)

By the fourth injection (with doses of 0.8mg to 1.5mg) I had experienced a couple of incidents of light and transient flushing, and a continued slightly cold achy and unwell feeling between about three and twelve hours after the injections. Hopefully these side-effects will lessen in time. Repeated blood pressure checks revealed no change from my usual level of 120/80 or less.

My fifth injection, of 1.3mg, was in the afternoon of 23rd January. This time I inserted the needle at a more acute angle and shallower depth. Only 10 or 15 minutes later I felt more obvious facial flushing than before. By 2:30 I was feeling a little cold; and felt slightly tired/unwell for rest of the day. I retired at 10:30, and five minutes later a spontaneous erection occurred, lasting 2 hours till, worrying about priapism, I got up for a decaffeinated Scotch-coffee. I had felt increased libido too, and the two and a half hour experience of high libido and a continuous solid erection was quite cheering. Shame I was alone. However when I decided to go for coffee my erection vanished before my first foot hit the carpet. The following day I perhaps felt a slightly decreased libido (as reported by some online bloggers).

No proper out-of-bed spontaneous erections yet.


1)   Pharmacol Res, 2002 Feb, 45(2):119-24, “Chronic infusion of a melanocortin receptor agonist modulates dopamine receptor binding in the rat brain”

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