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Sex and Science

Isn’t science cold and calculating?  And what could it possibly have to do with our sex and romance?  The reality is that a lot of research in the last decade or two can make many dramatic improvements to almost any man’s sex life and in many different ways.

And why not?  Science has, for example, dramatically changed athletics. Athletes now have at their fingertips trainers steeped in deep knowledge of exercise physiology, nutrition, physical therapy, recovery and many other techniques that can help raise them to the elite levels required by their profession.  This same progress has been made in many areas of the “Bedroom Sciences” as well and we will cover some of those below.

Yes, it’s true that there is no formula for romance.  And, yes, our sex lives – and women! – are actually one of the more complicated aspects of our existence. Even so, researchers have uncovered one gem after another that any man would be foolish to ignore.

Below are many examples as to how the latest research can maximize and optimize your sex life:

1. Maximizing Testosterone. Research has shown us dozens of ways to increase testosterone.  Diets such as the Mediterranean will likely boost T. Lifestyle choices such as sleep, mental attitude, stress and many other factors that scientists have uncovered can increase or decrease this precious chemical as well. There are even a few herbs that can raise your T as well. For more information, see my link on How to Increase Your Testosterone Levels.

2. Maximizing Growth Hormone. All humans go through a dramatic drop in growth hormone post-puberty.  However, there are still many ways that do a decent job of boosting growth hormone levels naturally, including interval training, chewing gum, laughter and so on.  For more information, see my link on How to Increase Your Growth Hormone Levels.

3. Maximizing Nitric Oxide Through Diet. Study after study in the last twenty years has shown men ways to increase blood flow and nitric oxide and food and drink can be a powerful tool to do both.  This is the subject of one of my books, The Peak Erectile Strength Diet.

4. Nitric Oxide Boosters. Science has also discovered many new supplements that do a very impressive job of boosting erectile strength and many can help or even cure men of their erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, these supplements are inexpensive and can in many cases lower a man’s dependency or dosage of the side effect PDE5 Inhbitors such as Viagra and Cialis. Some of the heavy hitters in this category are L-CitrullineKorean Ginseng and Icariin (Horny Goat Weed extract).

5. Libido Boosters. There are a number of key supplements that research has shown will generally increase libido and have been used for centuries by ancient societies for just that purpose. Most of these, such as Maca and Muira Puima, also have a good track record and have been fairly well-studied as well.  See my link on Research-Backed Aphrodisiacs for a complete list.

6. Estrogen (Estradiol) Management. Under normal circumstances, estrogens, in the male, are almost entirely created through conversion (aromtization) of testosterone. Science has uncoverd many ways to accelerate and decelerate this process and I cover many of the key ones in this link on Controlling Estrogen.

However, the most shocking research in the last ten years has actually been the discovery of an abundance of environmental estrogens that can actually decrease testosterone, fertility and many other aspects of male health. I cover these in my link on Estrogen Increasers. One study after another has shown the negative health effects of this estrogen, especially on us guys.  And, of course, it all starts with knowing and understanding proper estrogen levels, because it is possible for men to be either too high or too low.  For example, read this link on Low Estrogen for the nasty health consequences of letting your E dip too low.

7. All-Around Sexual Herbs. Libido. Nitric oxide. Testosterone. These are what I call the Big Three that most men need for a quality sex life into their middle age and beyond years. The good news is that research has discovered that there are several herbs that actually can boost all three. Read about these in my link on The Super Sexual Herbs.

8. Cortisol Control. Of course, cortisol serves its purpose and is a very good and important hormone – can’t live without it as they say.  Unfortunately, though, a modern lifestyle amplifies this hormone and, when elevated, it will fight a man every step of the way in the bedroom.  For starters, it lowers testosterone and tears down muscle and increases visceral fat.  All of these will only serve to create more weight gain, greater conversion of testosterone to estrogen and a downward health cascade.

The tragedy is that this never need occur:  literally dozens of studies have shown supplements, lifestyle and dietary practices that can control and even lower cortisol and other stress hormones.  See my pages on a Summary of Cortisol Research and Cortisol/Stress Management for more information.

9. Look Younger. What man wouldn’t like to look about ten to twenty years younger? This is now entirely possible for almost any man.Yes, you can take years off of your appearance, generally speaking, with minimal cost and effort.  Again, we have science to thank for these advances.

Losing pounds and putting on muscle are the primary ways we can look better and younger – both of these are associated with youth.  (And fitness gives youthful energy levels as well.)  But it needn’t stop there:  we can usually take 20 years off of our face while we’re adding 20 pounds of muscle and removing 20 pounds of fat.

How do we accomplish this feat?  Science has come up with several topical (lotion) type formulations that really work to remove wrinkles.  I cover those in my link on Retin-A and Other Skin Formulations.  In addition, there are other at home and in office procedures – very private mind you – that can work on everything from skin sag to sun damage to hair loss and so on.

I am not talking about cosmetic surgery here, but about either light cosmetic procedures that are generally accomplished in less than 20 minutes and other things that you can even do at home.  In fact, there are many excellent products and devices that you can buy at Walmart or a drug store that will do miracles with minimal time. Again, put science on your side and read these links on How to Look Younger.

10. Lose Weight.  This one really should not be last but up in at least the top 3. Weight gain is one of our biggest enemies as a male and leads to dire consequences that most men could probably never anticipate.  Fat cells do some nasty things, including increasing aromatase levels, which converts more of our testosteorne to estrogen, raising SHBG, and increasing TNF-alpha, the inflammatory cytokine linked to heart disease and various autoimmune disorders and cancers.

Those extra pounds are also a big turn off in the bedroom.  Of course, I am sure there are a few women turned on by a portly gentleman, but they are few and far between. Dropping those pounds improves your appearance with every inch that melts off your waist line.

Gaining weight also an even darker side:  it is associated with erectile dysfunction.  The reasons for this are many:  it generally increases inflammation, blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, estrogen, insulin resistance and on and on the list goes. It hammers both your heart and your hormones and is the equivalent of a metabolic cold shower.

Again, science has come to the rescue and has discovered great information about Controlling Appetitie HormonesHormones and Weight Loss and Weight Loss Supplements as well.  There simply is no reason to be overweight if you will simply take the time to research and understand the underlying issues.

Hopefully, these examples will get you reading and researching.  It may just pay off!

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