physical therapy of the knee and the foot with shock wave

Shockwave Therapy for E.D.

Some men simply do not respond well to PDE5 Inhibitors and/or standard testosterone therapy to solve their erectile dysfunction.  They need a bigger gun.  Shockwave therapy is one of the new treatments that has come out to help such men.  It is not cheap, but the research look promising at least.  It has the ability to actually create new vascular tissue inside the penis and who can argue with that?

Shockwave therapy as an aid to sexual potency has been pioneered by Yoram Vardi, an Israeli Urologist. Similar technology has been used in other areas of medicine, including treating shoulder or ankle injuries, coronary artery disease, and bone fractures, for more than twenty years; though not all authorities fully accept its effectiveness.

An American company, Medispec, who have made shockwave machines for eighteen years, introduced the ED-1000 to provide erection-enhancing treatment in 2011. This device resembles a wheeled photocopier, with a probe on a flexible tube to deliver the shocks

The Medispec video claims the ED-1000 provides a permanent cure for erectile dysfunction, and works for both those who respond to PDE5i and those who don t, and that half of their patients who once used a PDE5i no longer need to.

The standard ED-1000 therapy consists of two sessions a week for three weeks, three weeks without treatment, and then a repeat of the first three weeks. Each twenty minute session involves 1500 low-intensity shockwaves applied to five points on and under the penis. This is said to encourage miniscule new blood vessels to grow within the flesh of the penis, and to break up plaque that is causing a hardening of the existing arteries, enabling a better blood flow.

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