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Skin Sag: Legitimate Skin Tighteners

Ever look in a mirror and want to put your fist through it? Well, one of the likely culprits is skin sag.  Skin sagging occurs for many reasons including aging, fat, sun damage, smoking and even long term jogging. All of these damage collagen, which is the prime culprit in skin sag. Of course, they say a little of the weather-beaten look makes a guy look a little more chiseled and distinguished, but I’ve got a feeling that’s just to make us feel better, eh?

Almost all middle-aged and beyond guys could use at least some help with facial sagging in order to improve their physical attractiveness and appearance.  This is where skin tightening can come in.  Unfortunately, quality skin tightening is not as simple or inexpensive as Wrinkle Reduction for Males tends to be.

CAUTION:  First of all, we should probably cover how NOT to do skin tightening.  One seemingly easy solution to skin tightening is a simple, topical solution of DMAE.  What could be more convenient than just putting on some lotion once a day and getting legitimate skin tightening results, right?  Unfortunately, DMAE has some very serious health concerns associated with it and very likely results in cell damage and dysfunction. [1] You also want to avoid CO2 lasers as they are known for producing scarring and spotting, i.e. the cure can be worse than the disease.

The only real answers for (mild to moderate) facial sagging are cosmetic procedures.  However, the good news is that these are relatively non-invasive. So, if you can get yourself over the fear of making an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon and driving to his office, the procedures below are generally simple, fast and relatively affordable.  Of course, I probably don’t need to tell you that if you have major facial sag, your only solution will be a lift of one sort or the other.

Below are some legitimate cosmetic procedures that will help wind back the clock potentially a decade or two for some guys. They all work by doing a little micro damage to the outer layer of skin, whereby the body, in the process of healing itself, manufactures new collagen. For this reason, most of these procedures can be used all over the body including the face and eyes.

1)  Infrared Laser.  This replacement technology for the more risky CO2 lasers of prior years are potentially an excellent choice for guys.  There are almost no side effects and the results seem very promising.  One study using a Titan laser had particularly admirable results that lasted in some participants up to one year. [2]  Again, the beauty for guys is that this generally only produces a little redness for a couple of hours and you’re back in business at work the next day without anyone noticing.  Furthermore, typical costs are $350 per treatment and so for the normal three treatments (for results of about a year), you are only risking a grand.

2) Radiofrequency.  Thermage, and other radiofrequency treatment options such as Accent, can provide significant significant skin tightening effects as well.  A typical treatment on the face takes only about 45 minutes.  Results take a few months to manifest but then can last over a year in some cases. Thermage generally has more side effects, i.e. redness and bumps that infrared and most guys will not want to plan on going to work the next day. It should be mentioned that some guys get redness for up to a week with Thermage.  In other words, Thermage is basically a little “bigger gun” than Infrared Laser but is also more costly, around a $2,000 – $3,000, with a little bit more downtime.

NOTE:  One important comment is that both of the above generally only produce about a 25% improvement in sagging, which can improve appearance substantially of course.  Furthermore, a big block of people, say a third or so, experience no discernible difference whatsoever.  However, if you’re one of the “lucky ones”, you may be able to shave years off of your face with an hour or two of your time.

3) Ultherapy. None other than Dr. Oz recently popularized this new procedure which uses ultrasound for skin tightening.  It is apparently FDA-approved for the face and neck, but is particularly suited for the sagging skin in the neck area.  According to the information on the show, this procedure produces remakable results for a non-invasive procedure by stimulating collagen growth.  Results occur two to three months after treatment as your skin’s inner tissues rebuild.

Why is this a perfect procedure for men?  It takes 30 minutes and has no downtime.  In other words, you can leave the office without anyone knowing the difference. The only negative is the cost:  about a  $1,000 per treatment.


1)  https://www.smartskincare.com/ingredients/dmae_safety.html, “Is DMAE Safe for Your Skin?”

2) https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/561994_2

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