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Steroids and Testosterone

I get an email about every week from a young guy that has sabotaged his health and erections through steroid use.  And that is the tragic irony:  most guys take steroids to look and feel better about themselves with the girls, yet steroids, in fact, often do the very opposite.

By the way, I actually don’t think a well done steroid program probably causes many issues in the short or medium term. However, the problem is that a pretty big percentage of young men on steroids really don’t know what they are doing and/or do not monitor properly and either of these can get them into trouble.

Most young men think of cancer as the only real risk with steroid use and they figure, “I’m just going to do a cycle and see what happens.  Six weeks can’t hurt anything!”  Of course, that’s an illusion, because 1) cancer is the least of their worries and 2) most diehard weight lifters are balls-to-the-wall kind of guys anyway.  They’re not about to stop after one cycle!

Regardless, very nasty things can happen to your sex life with even ONE cycle of steroids.  Consider these Four Ways that Steroids Can Hammer Your Sex Life and Erections:

1.  Permanent Loss of Testosterone. It is surprisingly common for steroids to shut down or almost shut down the body’s natural production of testosterone.  Essentially the testes say to themselves, “We don’t have to work anymore – somebody is doing the work for us.”

Seasoned steroid users have elaborate rituals, called PCT (Post Cycle Therapy), to jump start their body’s own natural testosterone production. This generally includes LH-FSH-stimulators such as Clomid, but in some cases requires a bigger and more dangerous gun:  HCG.

However, here is the important point:  it is very possible to completely and irrevesibly shut down your testosterone production, i.e. HCG and Clomid simply do not do the trick. Again, I get many emails from young guys whose testosterone is stuck below 200 ng/dl when it should be around 700.  I advise them to go to an endocrinologist, but there is no guarantee that even a good doctor who know what he’s doing can resolve the issue.

So in the short term, until they get on HRT, such individuals are stuck with low libido and poor erections from the decreased testosterone levels.

2.  Shrunken testicles.  Shrunken testes are a common part of steroid usage and, as I covered in #1, is often irreversible.  I don’t know anyone that argue that small nuts on the tree is going to get you a lot of squirrels if you know what I mean. (In fairness, steroid users often counteract this by taking HCG.)

3.  Bitch Tits and Leaky Nipples. Steroid users almost always exceed the normal phyiological range for testosterone and some of this excess testeosterone is aromatized into estrogen.  Experienced steroid users look for the warning signs of inflamed or leaky nipples and then take an estrogen blockers such as Arimidex to help counteract the results.  The problem is that this is tricky to control at times for an HRT guy at normal testosterone levels. Steroids users seem to have a rougher time and often leave their estradiol too high or drive it too low, both of which cause them problems.

4.  Liver Damage. This is tragically common, especially with the oral steroids.  These are metabolized in the liver and are notoriously hard on this organ.  Even some injected steroids make a second pass from the blood stream into the liver and can damage in that way.  Again, the insanity of steroid use is shown by the fact that many steroid users actually take liver herbs such as milk thistle in the hopes of preventing liver damage instead of simply not taking the steroid.

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