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Sublingual Compounded Cialis (or Viagra) – A Much Cheaper Alternative

A lot of men are inerested in sublingual compounded Cialis on the Peak Testosterone Forum and for good reason. In my opinion sublingual Cialis is the best PDE5 product out there when you consider cost and half life issues.  Consider just a few reasons to go with compounded Cialis rather than the brand:

1. Cost and Flexible Deliver Systems! Compounded medications here in the U.S. are completely legal and provide some much needed competition to some of the ridiculously overpriced medications out there.  Cialis is a prime example of that and one compounded Cialis is MUCH cheaper than the brand itself:  you will pay a fraction of the cost of brand Cialis and it is legal and guaranteed to be pharmacy grade – 99% or above.

Jasen Bruce, President of our site sponsor Defy Medical, gave me some great information about the costs and types of troches available:

“Tadalafil can be purchased by a pharmacy to compound into a sublingual troche, capsule, or rapid-dissolve tablet. The dosage can be customized, however the most common dosage for compounded tadalafil is 25mg per sublingual troche and 2.5mg-25mg per capsule. The cost for compounded tadalafil is typically between $4.50-$9.00 per troche or capsule. This is also the same price range for compounded sildenafil (Viagra) and vardenafil (Levitra), which are also both available at many compounding pharmacies in customizable forms.

2. Less Stomach Upset. I often get some heartburn from Cialis, which is a common side effect, and other men on Peak Testosterone Forum have complained of the same thing. However, I have noticed that my stomach upset from sublingual Cialis is definitely less. In my mind, this is a sign that some of the medication is indeed absorbed beneath the tongue and spares your lower GI tract.

3. More Rapid Absorption. This is something that I cannot prove, but sublingual Cialis seems to absorb faster. Of course, that is the whole purpose in having it sublingual in the first place, but it does seem to work.  Regular brand oral Cialis takes a couple of hours before the onset of improvements in erectile strength which can make timing things in the bedroom a bit tricky.  In my opinion sublingual can help.

4. Custom Dosing and “Pill” Splitting. The troches that I received were basically soft, gummi-like round pills that were easy to cut into smaller sizes. This is in contrast to the odd tear drop-shaped 20 mg Cialis tablet that is very difficult to cut up in equal pieces unless you happen to be a veteran jewel cutter or something. Many of us, including myself, are trying to take lower doses of Cialis in the 2.5-3.5 mg range.  Try to split a 20 mg brand Cialis pill into 6 different pieces. Good luck with that!  Several of us on The Forum have confessed to biting off chunks of it as a half-hearted attempt to accomplish this task.

5. Just to Get Even with Lilly! Unless you own Lilly stock, it’s hard not to want to retaliate against the cutthroat and extortionistic pricing tactics of Lilly.  Did you know that Lilly launched Cialis in November of 2003 at $8.10 per pill?!  Basically, the company keeps doubling the prce as demand increases!  What a friend to men everywhere, eh? In 2015 Lilly doubled the price of Cialis once again and it is now over $60 per pill (20 mg)!  This is over a 700% increase.

Here are some pictures of the troches that I received, and a special thanks to site sponsor Shaun Noorian of Empower Pharmaceuticals for ordering and supplying the troches for this review:

What are these troches like? Basically, they are a Gummi like lozenge. The nice thing about it is that, because they are relatively soft and have a symmetric shape (a circle), they can easily be cut into smaller dosages. And they taste very good as well, which is nice since they are intended to be used sublingually and to slowly dissolve in the mouth.

HOW CAN A DOCTOR WRITE A SCRIPT FOR COMPOUNDED CIALIS?  You doctor can write a prescription for sublingual Cialis using many justifications for a special order with a compounding pharmacy, including most of the reasons above – excluding #5 of course!  Some of you with incomplete or no insurance coverage for Cialis can greatly benefit from this option. 

And all your doctor needs to do is write a prescription something like this: “tadaladil 20mg troche Take troche poqd.”  This means “take 5mg orally each day.”

If your doctor does write you a prescription for Cialis from a compounding pharmacy here in the U.S., then this compounder will take the exact same drug (tadalafil) that is in Cialis and do a manual preparation of it to meet your doctor’s specifications. Compounding is done all the time by GP’s, specialists and hospitals for a wide variety of medicaitons and applications. The key concept is that it cannot be identical to the original drug assuming the drug is still under patent protection: you must meet some kind of medical need or somehow distinguish yourself from the original medication.


1)  https://www.cbsnews.com/news/the-price-of-lillys-cialis-has-doubled-since-its-launch/

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