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21 hours ago
Well, so it begins. Just picked up my first three months worth of injections from the pharmacy.

Currently looks like my PCP (family practice) has me on 1ml every 2 weeks @ 200mg/ml

Thoughts on that dosage?

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1ml is a measurement. What is your mg per week?

Dependson on whats in the bottle..100mg per ml, orrr 200mg per ml. Which did you recieve?

Inject it 2x a week minimum. If he prescribed you an AI then don't use it.

Just take.25 (50mg) 2 times a week. Such as Monday morning and Thursday night. You can get more syringes online.

Get a doctor who knows what they’re doing!! I went through 3 different doctors because I knew more than they did. Honestly, I’m surprised you even got a family doctor to prescribe it. You should be injecting at least twice a week and best way to start is probably around 100mg-120mg a week. Also don’t start popping Al’s either! Just stay with that testosterone and see what your body does with it. If you start adding a bunch of compounds and you start getting side effects you’re not gonna know what compound is causing it.

I was telling my gp my protocol- every 4 days vs 2 weeks he was all about it. He is going to prescribe the same protocol for me via pharmacy when the clinic and I get dialed in. Good luck.

I think that protocol of 200mg every 2 weeks sucks. You will be on a rollercoaster ride feeling good and then like shit. I would inject 60mg 2x a week atleast. But thats just me. I would only take an ai when needed, but I would try to hold off because the first 6 weeks your body is adjusting to the new testosterone.

Everyone says every 2 weeks sucks and your gonna be on a roller coaster. I do it every 2 weeks and it works great for me. Been on it for 6 months now and love it. Every body is different so follow the Drs orders and try it. If it’s too long then talk to your Dr. Did you GP do this or did you go to a specialist?

What is your SHBG?

Terrible injection protocol….you're Doctor is prescribing without taking the drugs half like into consideration. Most TRT practitioners prescribe two injections per week creating consistent serum concentration levels….you'll be on a hormonal roller coaster.

Go slow brother. That sounds good.

Can an actual medical doctor with patients on TRT weigh in here ?

Split it up buddy

Study this closely. You will see why many recommend 2x per week. These are the pharmacodynamics of test cypionate. Print it and show your doc and ask if once every 2 weeks is a good idea.

Loaded syringe on a hot pad set on low for 30 minutes makes the oil flow better.

Dosage is fine. Split that into twice weekly injections though

100 a week is prob ok to start, but I'd be doing 50x twice a week.

Good luck!

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3 days ago
Something to break the monotony of the same old IM, SubQ, Hematocrit talk. Yes I’m on HRT so I Started strict Keto (under 20 grams of carbs a day), running roughly 2300 calories. I was 193.6 last Monday, 184.8 this morning. Just curious, anyone sustain ketosis for a prolonged period of time? Feelings, results? I’m 50, lean muscle, still shredded for an old
Tonight’s dinner, 8oz beef (590 calories, 0 carbs), 200 grams of broccoli with two tablespoons of butter (270 calories, 11 grams carbs).
Something to break the monotony of the same old IM, SubQ, Hematocrit talk.  Yes Im on HRT so I Started strict Keto (under 20 grams of carbs a day), running roughly 2300 calories.  I was 193.6 last Monday, 184.8 this morning.  Just curious, anyone sustain ketosis for a prolonged period of time?  Feelings, results?  Im 50, lean muscle, still shredded for an old
Tonights dinner, 8oz beef (590 calories, 0 carbs), 200 grams of broccoli with two tablespoons of butter (270 calories, 11 grams carbs).

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What kind of sauce is that????

Lost 45lbs on Keto. As soon as I tried to introduce any carbs into my diet I put on weight faster than ever in my life. It’s a fast weight loss fad diet but not sustainable.

Diet is definitely important at our age, key is, whatever works for you. You also have to remember that you can't out work a crappy diet. Shredded at 50, keep doing your thing bro!

9 ounces of ketchup 450 calories

How are you arriving at 590 kcal for 8oz of beef? The protein content is around 200 calories, which means 390 from fat (or 43 grams of fat). That means a 4oz serving of your beef has ~22 grams of fat. Are you sure?

I did it for around 6 months but I didn't do the high fat version because it's horrible for you. I stuck to around 130g of fat, 200g of protein, and 20 TOTAL carbs not NET and shredded down pretty good. I couldn't sustain it, well I chose to just start eating clean for a wider variety of foods as keto for me was too limiting and 20g of carbs for CrossFit and traditional lifting were less than optimal for me strength and work capacity wise. Keto is a great tool to give yourself a "reset" and shred back down, but I wasn't someone who could sustain that way of eating. It works though.

You can't sustain it for a prolonged time frame as it will mess with your pituitary gland and cause all kinds of metabolic issues including anxiety and panic attacks…trust me I know first hand. BTW, that ketchup has a ton of sugar in it…

I dirty ketoed for about 3 years well for 2 years after I hit my goal weight that was pre covid about to get back on the wagon this week

Keto sucks

My background is a biochemist with a specialism in endocrinology. I was previously a strong proponent of ketogenic diets but now I think they are sub-optimal in the best case, and dangerous in the worst case. There is a lot of detailed science I could go into, but what it comes down to is this – there is no metabolic/hormonal advantage to a ketogenic diet, aside from hunger control and temporary insulin/glucose load control. Some common myths: 1. Ketogenic diets increase lipolysis. Reality – ketogenic diets are the worst performing diets when it comes to weight loss and fat loss in an isocaloric setting. Metabolic ward studies consistently show this. 2. Ketogenic diets increase testosterone. Reality – ketogenic diets raise cortisol which are correlated with reduced blood testosterone. 3. Ketogenic diets reducing oxidative stress. Reality – free fatty acid beta oxidation produces more ROS per calorie of substrate than aerobic carbohydrate metabolism. 4. Ketogenic diets reduce protein requirements. Reality – protein requirements are set by the size of the calorie deficit and the deficit of the the nitrogen balance. Gluconeogenesis is raised on a ketogenic diet in the absence of carbohydrate. 5. Ketogenic diets improve insulin sensitivity. Reality – excess blood free fatty acids interfere with insulin signalling. Excess FFA in muscle tissues interfere with insulin signalling and glucose import.

Do i see ketchup on ur beef?

That’s not zero carbs bro. It’s zero simple carbs/fast day heating carbs.

ketchup on your steak?!?! blaspheme

Is that ketchup?! Lol jkjkjkjk

Complete with paper plate and plastic fork 👊

I have been on TRT for 2 months now. I also eat low carb every day. The scale doesnt move, but I do notice my pants are looser. I have to urinate so often it gets old. The week I couldnt afford my TRT medication I lost a couple of pounds. I think Im just retaining water. Should I take a diaretic for this problem?

Is that ketchup on your steak?!?

Youre doing great brother

I'm 54. 50 isn't old. Keto works for me long term to stay lean. But if I want to bulk, I just eat like a pig for a few months and hit the weights like I'm at war.

Good for fatloss. Bad for your kidneys etc. I did it for 9 months straight. Glad I did it but deffo not a lifestyle choice 👊🏻

Ya , I Had a book ‘ketogenesis’ as a bonus with my Underground Mass secrets course based on doing over a year of Keto dieting while building mass . I would go into Keto during the week and then carb up on weekends for the anabolic effects. Had several Thousand people follow this routine .Depending on my body fat would determine the frequency of carbing up. There’s many pros and cons with a keto diet and depending on your genetics age and even past dieting history health determine if it’s right for you.

I am 71 have been KETO (<50 grams daily) and when fully Keto adapted you don't have to count calories! – As to your dinner. Too much meat and not near enough fat. Remember this KETO paradigm "High fat- "moderate protein" (as any excess protein is converted to glucose and stored as fat) and low carbohydrate". Eat until fully satiated. I eat twice daily on a 16-8 or 18-6 schedule.

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2 days ago
I’m 32 I had blood work done and my test levels are low, and I had a little hypothyroidism going on, doc gave me thyroid meds and over the last few months my T levels have gone up from 145 to 347. My doc decided against trt since my levels were coming back up. And wanted to wait another 3 months and test again. I take anti depressants, I sleep a ton, I’ve gained alot of weight im at 225lbs and 170 is my norm. I still feel like I’m a Candidate for Trt. And this added wait time has just frustrated me more. Any advice ?

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Give it more time. As you optimize your thyroid testosterone levels will continue to rise as well.

And focus on proper sleep. That very important for testosterone production. Very important.

Go to a different doctor. Start hitting the gym and take mk677 daily for 3 months.

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4 weeks ago
Nelson Vergel
16 hours ago
Hello…new to this group. Started injecting TRT in 2019 with a twice a month dose of Cypionate (200 mg/ml). Been doing this since and briefly tried Xyosted but numbers plummeted.
Concurrent with the Cypionate regimen I have been doing BodySpec tests to see what was going on with lean versus adipose tissue.
My baseline for those tests was when I was using a topical treatment. What I have found is my lean body mass has not significantly increased but my adipose tissue has gone up. My exercise routine has been…for the most part…the same. Same for my diet. I am 66…been a lifelong MTBer and supplement with either Crossfit or a lightweight old school bodybuilder routine.
I have also noticed that my abdomen has increased in dense adipose tissue. Do any of you have any advice as to what I should be thinking as to cause?

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Idk but I would reccomend injecting twice a week for stable blood levels. Increase in fat tissue may be linked to unstable estrogen levels from your dosing protocol. If you take an aromatase inhibitor drop it asap. If you can, cycle in some HGH 2-4iu daily. Mixed with testosterone its a life saver. Great fat burner, great for energy, calm mind, great sleep, great for your skin, and it really synergizes with testosterone. I would change your workout routine. Its good to switch it up. Keep your diet clean as possible.

You're still injecting once every two weeks?? If that's the case you're still probably spending most of your time in the "hypogonadal" range as you crash and spike your test levels. Inject 2x a week minimum. I inject every day with an insulin needle to keep my levels stable.

One thing I wanted to add to my question is this. My adipose tissue is accumulating around my abdomen and is quite dense as opposed to other areas. I have developed a beer belly profile but don't drink.

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