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2 months ago
Hey folks need bit of thoughts/advice please-

1-Started TRT due to mid lower ranges & mainly libido, ED issues 10 months ago.

2- Been taking meds currently
Test cyp 87.5
630 IU HCG weekly via daily sub Q ,
5mg tadalafil
Supplements, with regular blood works, all ranges seems optimal.

3- Good diet,intermittent fasting, 4x days gmy with 76kg weight no smoke or drink, no other known medical issues or meds.

5- Only benefit of TRT so far I wake up with more energy in the morning nothing else whatsoever!

6- But Libido & ED won’t improve which leaves me with a fundamental question.

why shall I carry on doing TRT what’s the point how long shall I wait to see improvement in ED issues my docs want me to wait and wouldn’t add anything else?

7- Increasing dose isn’t the solution I think after all above changes should result in some libido ED improvements surely? Any suggestions
2 months ago
Is hCG necessary when starting testosterone?

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Define necessary I've been in trt for 5 years and have never used hcgt

That is a subject of much debate.

Over 10yrs never used it

10 years now for me and I've never used it. Everything works fine

No it's not..

the thing is .. depend on what you want. But I personally would ask is Testosterone necessary when starting HCG? as I've read there is less complications with HCG therapy than with TRT as the body is kinda producing its own T.



I use it and like it. I can definitely tell a difference in libido and volume. I'm still pretty new to all this though and some of my research says the effects will down regulate with time.

I prefer using it higher sex drive bigger loads better sense of well being

Not one bit. I started on it when i started TRT. I retained a bunch of water and my E2 was higher. BP was elevated. I had anxiety a little and just felt crappy. I had no idea if it was the HCG or T because i started both at the same time. I dropped the HCG. 2 weeks later dropped all my water retention and my E2 on my next labs was lower. It did nothing for my sex drive (Testosterone does that) HCG does not make you shoot bigger loads like some claim. Hydration equals bigger loads and genes. If you didnt shoot big loads your whole life, you are not magically going to start with HCG. Add it down the road if you want but DO NOT start with it because you will have no idea what is doing what

Added it 5 years ago. Better labido, sense of well being, penile sensitivity and stronger orgasims. So I’ll stay on it forever.

Started HCG alone in 2010, then Testosterone alone, then Test and HCG … Anytime I'm using HCG I have low libido and low loads all the time, it all come back whenever I stop the HCG for a short period

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2 months ago
Clomid while On trt?

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Some people just want to take a lot of stuff I guess……! Clomid while on trt…..whats the rest of that question?


Hcg is better

Clomid has too many side effects.


This is not something you should be taking regularly, awful for your mood and your vision and you will get no tangible benefit using it with test in your system. Stick to healthy substances for long term use, you’re not fighting a terminal illness you’re setting yourself up for a sustainable hormone balance.

testosterone is natural clomid is not. Stick with the natural shit. less side effects

No, garbage!


I’ve alternated trying to preserve the ability to produce my own but there were too many side effects.

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2 months ago
I have been using TRT for about 20 years since my endo at that time tested my level and it was below 300. The doctor at the VA started me on Patches. They were fine during the cold weather, but once summer started they would not stick once I started sweating while I was working in the shop. (mechanic). I was switched to injections that my wife had to put into the area of my side. We did that for many years because the vials were very cheap compared to gels at that time. Eventually I could not even look at a needle because they were pretty big to handle the oil (26). My new insurance made gel much cheaper so I have been using gel for the past 10 years. I usually have it sent from Blue Cross mail order, the orders got screwed up so my last order was from CVS. I picked it up today and they scanned my drivers license like I was getting a controlled narcotic. Is this something new or just in Connecticut?

Overall I think that the TRT has helped me over the years, but at 76 I am not superman. Being a diabetic with hypothyroidism does not help either.

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My CVS in NY, NY has always scanned my drivers license when I pick up my T vials.

Testosterone is a controlled substance like oxytocin and morphine

Testosterone in all forms is a schedule 3 controlled substance in all states.

Are you to type 2? You can reverse that and feel 20 years younger and live 10 years longer!

In MA, they began to demand ID when picking up my test Rx about 2 years ago. Before that, no.

Are you type 1 or type 2? I have a son that is type 1

Yeah it’s a controlled substance and I’ve been told can’t be shipped in the mail 🤷‍♀️

It's a scheduled dea drug dude….normal for ID

Did VA pay for anything when you started ?

Testosterone is a schedule 3 drug.

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2 months ago
I was just prescribed 200mg/ml a week by my new doctor. How would you recommend doing it? Once a week, twice, three times? Thanks in advance

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Split. I take mine every 3.5 days. Wednesday night and Sunday morning.

Non medical advice. But I’d do less at first. I’d go for 160mg a week split up into EOD doses. Better starting point. Plus you’ll have some leftover.

depends on the half-life of the test

Probably, however, they told you since none of us are docs But im on the same dose and I do 100 on Mondays and Thursdays

How’s your SHBG?

Split it 2-3 times per week

You’re going to have to find out for yourself. I have tried 1 time a week, 2 times a week, 3 times a week now I’m currently pinning everyday.. I found that every day is best for me

Monday night, friday morn. But is this a starting dose? 200mg is on th high side

Twice a week to start. See how your body metabolizes the testosterone. If you feel like it's not lasting or you're having a crash feeling go to 3 times a week.

2x weekly. I do Monday’s and Thursday’s

Sub q shots three times a week.

Out of curiosity, why aren't you having this discussion with the provider who prescribed it to you?

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