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12 hours ago
What caused your low Testosterone? Mine is pirtutaly disorder

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Most likely from all the shitty environment around us and crap we eat. 1 in 3 males have low testosterone. Soon everyone will have low testosterone

Rathke's Cleft tumour

Maybe it’s all spelling

Ulcerative Colitis, Arthritis and loss of my colon, plus many years of being on heavy duty medication

Cycling off



Age maybe, it wasn't nonexistent….bt I'm fortunate enough to have a PCP who agrees that "optimal" is better than 428.

Nagging old lady.

Got punched in the balls so hard in 4th grade I needed surgery to get one out. Doc took 4 years to do it.



1 wife. 2 daughters. 1 girlfriend.

Years of antidepressants

The good ole US Army.


Gas station pills

Narcissistic X Wife


Porn and too much masturbation 😔

Cyst on my pituitary

Ulcerative Colitis and years of being on biologic medication.

My fiftieth birthday

Pituitary prolactinoma

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3 days ago
Can thyroid meds increase testosterone????

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Thyroid hormone is known to affect sex hormone-binding hormonal globulin (SHBG) concentrations. Men with hyperthyroidism have elevated concentrations of testosterone and SHBG. Thyroid hormone therapy in normal men may also duplicate this elevation.

Don't supplement thyroid medicine if not prescribed. The same with insulin

Actually it’s backwards

No. Atleast not in my case. I’ve been hypo for almost 20 years. Still feel like ass everyday.

TRT gives a slight bump to metabolic function but nothing mind blowing.

Nope, T4 is usless anyway, but if ur using t3 it will increase thyroid and increase shbg which decreases free testosterone

Thyroid meds assist in stablizing serum production. They may boost your test levels a bit, but if your test levels are way low, they (Thyroid meds) won't boost them to the point of normalcy. Not anywhere close.

It depends

If it was the problem in first place

It can… it’s very overlooked in males. I’m on thyroid medication and I’m so much better than I was.

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3 days ago
Has anyone had luck finding a clinic (in the US) that will actually take insurance? I found out that my insurance will cover both testosterone and hcg but they need a prior authorization which none of these telemedicine or online clinics will provice.

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I go to a hormone clinic that specializes in women but also Have a Couple Docs for men. They take insurance and before That my local urologist took insurance with no Problem. Pays for most everything.

They exist but are not very common for several reasons. The big reasons are: 1. If a provider wants to be reimbursed by your insurance (because your low $25 copay to them doesn't pay the bills), then the provider must follow the carrier's reimbursement (read as "treatment") guidelines. Insurance carriers are not allowed to dictate the practice of medicine, but they want to keep their costs down so this is how they do it. They are for-profit and aren't there to save you money. They want to make money. That is exactly what it sounds like, and you would be left with the same problem if you go to most endos or urologists. 2. Many health insurance companies have restrictive contracts not allowing the same legal entity (company or medical practice) to openly offer both insurance-based and self-pay models. It obviously would cut into the carrier's profits. That means for many clinics, they would need to operate as 2 separate entities which increases costs, complexity, and overhead. None of that is good for patients either. As I said, there are some clinics that exist where health insurance is accepted. Usually they are set up as a dual model from the beginning because of all that is involved. But they are either few and far between or more likely one of the chains that don't give truly personalized care which is a big part of going to a clinic in the first place.

I know you said clinic, but I got mine from my endocrinologist. I had to do a few things first as far as tests and a different way to raise it… but when it didn’t ultimately raise it they gave me trt.

Find a urologist that specializes in TRT.

Go to your PCM.

Low T center

Careful with insurance telling you they cover things with prior authorization: 1. They always tell patients that they cover things with a prior authorization, I spend hours on the phone to do prior authorization, and then they cover only half or less of the needed treatment. Patient ends up paying more than if they pay cash for it, and I lots 2 hours of my day that am not getting paid for. 2. Approval thru "prior authorization" has many requirements that MOST patients don't meet. So, even after spending 2 hours doing it, medication is still not covered. 3. In TRT we use some medications "off-label" so even with prior authorization insurance will not cover it. (Example, HCG)

Defy Medical doesn’t accept insurance, but in my opinion, the cost of treatment is very reasonable – especially for the quality of care. Feel free to reach out at any time to further discuss. My email is – let’s try to schedule a time to chat!

Just get a prescription and do your own Pre authorization with doctors notes and codes for the medication. But most clinic take insurance for the visit. Why would they not? We do.

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1 day ago
Revised – Added TPO below

Do my labs point to any hyper or hypo thyroid issues?

So trying to inderstand my Thyroid results and how they impact my T levels, ED and libido..

Are they a factor in my low SHBG and what action is needed.

Labs on 5/14 by PCP

T4 Free 1.0 (0.7-1.5 NG/DL)
T3 Free 3.2 (2.18- 3.98 PG/ML)
TSH 1.35 (0.36-3.74 ulU/mL)

TPO 26 (0-34 IU/mL)

Labs on 4/8 by Urologist

T4 Total 6.2 (4.5-12.0 ug/dL)
T3 Uptake 30 (24-39%)
Free Thyroxine Index 1.9 (1.2-4.9)

Thanks for the input.

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Nothing terribly wrong. Some might say you could get your free T3 up to 4-4.2 for optimization but really it all depends on how you feel.

Thyroid optimization is as controversial as is TRT. Some would advise that you would need to get your Free T3 higher to be optimized. Would that improve your libido, ED, and T levels? Doubt it. ED and libido issues are complex and I doubt that tweaking your thyroid would help much. And I have seen no evidence that T3 has a direct causal relationship to T levels. After initially posting this I did see a paper posted for another discussion in this group. It does indicate that T3 can effect SHBG. But I don't have the details yet ie how much of an impact.

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1 day ago
Hi Guys, I want to ask for some advice. I’m not at TRT right now, I did the blood tests because I have low libido and this is the results:
LH 3,08 UI/ML
FSH 4,32 UI/ML
E2 26,3 PG/ML
TESTOSTERONE 6,24 NG/ML (624 ng/dl)

The problem is that my FREE T is low but all other values are fine.

My weight 70kg x 173cm body fat 10/11%
3/4 times a week lift weights

i’m going crazy can someone tell me what the problem can be? Thanks

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Have similar results Like you

There’s no lab range on your free t

Free T is easily raised by doing some heavy squats and deadlifts. It does go up and down during the recovery process though. Nothing is wrong, you just need to lift, brah

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