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Secondary Hypogonadism

Low testosterone can be a lonely road to walk and help difficult to find.  Below I’m going to show you some of the difficulties that men face when they try to first get assistance for testosterone-related issues.  These are real emails from guys struggling to get their life back.

First of all, men can struggle with major issues. This reader lost his girlfriend:

READER: “About 10 months ago I had a serious rude awakening when my girlfriend left me as a result of my inability to get or maintain an erection. I’ve since spent the past few months frantically worrying about what was wrong with me and how I was going to deal with it. I’ve spent lots of precious time and money on various pills, potions and therapies to somehow get to the root of the problem and regain my sense of manhood.”

This is all too common:  women very often interpret struggling with an erection as lack of interest. Usually nothing could be further from the truth:  the guy just needs some physical help.

What is most surprising to me, though, is how doctor’s are simply not willing to provide any assistance.  It is almost as if they have not heard of testosterone therapy in some cases.  For exmaple, read below what this very fit, healthy male said when he found that he simply could not lose weight.  (Low testosterone makes weight maintenance much more difficult.)

READER:  “I am hoping you can help me with some health questions. I am also very health conscious: I am at the gym 4 days a week where I lift weights and run 3 miles. For the last 2 years I have kept a very strict diet eating mostly lean proteins and fats, vegetables, yogurt, and some fruits. I take in about 2200 calories a day.

In the past I could count on losing some weight with this regime but as of the last 2 years my weight hasn’t moved. I carry most of my weight in the upper body, i.e. belly, chest, arms. Out of frustration I asked my doctor to check my testosterone level. In June it measured 354, this past month it measured 319.

My doctor says its normal and not to worry. I disagree. I believe my inability to lose flab is related to my T-level.”

Now you might say, “Well, he did not have any symptoms – why would the doctor treat him?”  Well, the risk of nasty effects from low testosterone begin to greatly increase once you get down to his levels as I document in my book on Low Testosterone By the Numbers.

Besides that, though, more often than not, I get emails from men who have low testosterone and the symptoms and still the doctor won’t treat them.  Look at the frustration behind this reader’s email:

READER:  “I just had my test results read to me and they said I am in range and am OK at a level of 242,(I did the test in the morning, and, I am more carnivore than omnivore), the nurse did agree that I MAY be a little low.(Ya think!) Anyway as you might imagine, I am dealing with nearly ALL of the symptoms you describe and will see my doctor very soon to demand HRT. ”

Did you know you can inexpensively do your own testing for most hormones? The industry leader is Discounted Labs..

Of course, the decisiion to go on HRT is an involved one and can only be done on the advice of the doctor.  That said, it is difficult to understand the reluctance of many doctors at this point to provide help for men clearly at very low testosterone levels with significant issues.

Look at this guys description as to how good he felt when his testosterone was at youthful levels only to find that his doctor wanted to dramatically reduce his therapy:

READER: “I reached 800 after injections of 1mg every two weeks for about two months. The doctor had me take a blood test and she freaked out when she saw the 800 number. I was feeling better than I’ve felt in ages! She then wanted to put me on once a month, and then I talked her into every three weeks.

Just got a blood test today after being on every three weeks for two months now, I see her next Friday to get the results. I don’t feel as well as when I was on every two weeks. I think she wants me to be about 350-400.”

Even more scary is the fact that many men will never receive help, because they are asymptomatic.  The reader below just happened to ask for a testosterone reading simply because of his cousin and then found that he, too, had low testosterone.

Why not periodically get your testosterone checked. If nothing else, it could be a huge help to you later in life because you have, at least, established a baseline.

READER:  “I went in for a physical last week, and asked the doctor if he could check my testosterone level. He smiled a bit and asked me why I wanted to know. The truth is that I have a cousin  mwho recently went to the doctor and had his T level checked and it came out low, 275ng/dl to be exact. He suggested that next time I went in for a physical to ask my doctor to do the same, so I did.

Well I just got my blood work results back and although everything else looks great, my testosterone level, no so much. The doctor said it was 245ng/dl. This is even lower that my cousin’s!”

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