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Ways to Get Out of HRT?

When I found out I was low testosterone, it was all I could do to get treatment (HRT).  No one checked to see if I was primary or secondary hypogonadal and no one cared what the root cause of my low testosterone was.  Again, it was hard to even get them to accept that I was hypogonadal in the low 300’s!  To this day I do not know what the root cause of my low T is.  My prolactin and estradiol were never checked until years after I was on HRT.

And I see the same thing on the Peak Testosterone Forum more often than not.  Most men are simply not thoroughly evaluated but just immediately put on HRT.  (Many docs do not even ask the man if he wants to have kids or not!) If you ask doctors why they don’t check root causes of low testosterone, their response will likely be, “Well, the cause doesn’t really matter, because the solution (HRT) is always the same.”  As you will see below, this is often going to be a poor assumption and that at times testosterone can be restored with proper diagnostics and research into the underlying problem.  And therein lies the problem:  the docs simply do not feel that they have the time or expertise to research an unlikely problem.

However, I think that view is short-sighted, because we are learning more and more about what can cause low testosterone.  I cover a number of prominent reasons in my page on Common Causes of Very Low Testosterone for those interested.  And this is not just theoretical but practical:  correcting the underlying problem can lead to a doubling or tripling of baseline testosterone levels.  I love Hormone Replacement Therapy with Testosterone Cypionate: it has been a very positive experience for me. However, I have to admit that it is a fair amount of expense and time (and, for some men, potentially has some side effects and risks). So why not avoid all that time and expense and correct the underlying problem instead? Well, I guess that would make too much sense!

One would think endocrinologists would be the ideal type of physician to research the root cause of your low testosterone.  However, from what I have seen, endocrinologists will not even consider you low testosterone unless you are VERY low, i.e. below about 200 ng/dl.  They will usually not treat you unless you push them, even in the 200’s where most urologists will immedietaly give you treatment.

The end result is that, if you want to get to the bottom of your low T, you will probably have to be the prime mover and find the necessary docs and possibly do some self-testing yourself.  See my links on Inexpensive Labs

You also have to realize that you may never find the root cause.  We are still in our infancy in understanding metabolism and hormones.  If I had it to do over again, I would attempt to find the underlying cause.  You’ll see why below when you check out these Ways to Double or More Your Low Testosterone without HRT:

1. Zinc Deficiency. Zinc and magnesium are involved in 100’s of enzyme systems. Deficiencies in either one can lead to decreased testosterone levels, but zinc is particularly critical in this regard. If you are zinc deficient – and you can buy a simple and inexpensive zinc taste test on Amazon – then it is possible to double or triple your testosterone levels simply by correcting the zinc deficiency. I cannot help but wonder how many men have suffered needlessly and are on HRT because of this easy-to-fix problem. For more information and to see the studies, see my page on Zinc Deficiencies and Low Testosterone.

2. LDN (Low Does Naltrexone). I’m not big of pharmaceuticals, but LDN is doing some astonishing things with a low dosage level and is growing in off label popularity because of it. If you have any interest in alternate health therapies, do a few searches on the subject: it’s a fascinating read. The mechanims behind LDN’s effectiveness has to do with its ability to battle autoimmune issues. Most of the chronic disease that we experience is due to high levels of inflammation and oxidation and the ensuing overstimulation of our immune system. LDN battles this and has produced some incredible results according to many anecdotal reports.

Think how many of your friends and family have some sort of autoimmune issues, such as rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s, Hashimoto’s, Graves, etc. These sort of diseases are at epidemic proportions and this is LDN’s sweet spot.  As an example, one of our regular posters had autoimmune thyroid issues (Hashimoto’s) and went on LDN and said that he more than doubled his testosterone from it.  (Hashimoto’s is very common.) Now, granted, this is just one story out there, but I have little doubt that LDN can do this for some men.  Look at what he wrote: [1]

“I have had Hashimotos with my antibodies being around 2500… just after a few months of using LDN my antibodies were 500 and my testosterone went from 400 to 1000….. I did read small amount of other users saying how LDN boosts the pituitary LH similiar to HCG … but theres only a small amount of research out there on it for testosterone.”

3. Lose Weight.  If you lose 50+ pounds, it is definitely possible to double or more your testosterone.  The extra aromatase in fat cells can convert so much of a man’s testosterone into estradiol that he develops a kind of secondary hypogonadism.  Check out the studies in this page on Testosteorne and Weight Loss.

4. Thyroid. If you are both hypothyroid and hypogonadal, it may be possible to double your free testosterone simply by correcting the underlying hypothyroidism. For the study, please my page on Testosterone and Your Thyroid Hormones.

5. Eliminate a Parasite. One of the Peak Testosterone Forum member shared a story about how his LH (leutinizing hormone) climbed up to primary hypogonadal levels.  Of course, this is a sign of primary hypogonadism.  After years of suffering, he finally figured out that he had a specific type of tapeworm and took some medication to eradicate it.  It took six months, but his testosterone almost doubled from 350 ng/dl to 670.  What better example of the necessity of getting to the root cause than a tapeworm that can grow to 10 feet!

6. Clomid Restart. Clomid, in my opinion, is a pretty nasty drug with lots of side effects and a debatable effect on the male brain. I talk about all of this in my page on Clomid and Testosterone. However, steroid men use it all the time as part of their PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) to restart their testosterone levels. Basically, steroids can actually shut down hard a man’s androgen production and also shut down all the feedback loops that would normaly trigger the body to naturally restore baseline testosterone. By going on Clomid for a few months, steroid men can essentially force the hypothalamus to signal the testes to fire up once again.

This strategy works quite well in steroid users, because they are usually young men with a healthy HPT axis.  I mention this, because some low testosterone men that have never touched a steroid can restart their testosterone.  Unfortunately, it is not very common, but it does happen occasionally.  Obviously, if this were to occur, it would make the risk of taking Clomid well worth it, because one’s testosterone production would be restarted completely on its own.  For more information, see my page on Testosterone Restarts.

Did you know you can inexpensively do your own testing for most hormones? The industry leader is Discounted Labs..

OTHER ALTERNATIVES TO HRT:  One does not even have to go on standart HRT (TRT) to significantly raise testosterone in most cases.  From what I have seen on the Peak Testosterone Forum, most men respond quite well to either Clomid or HCG Monotherapy.  For most men, these are indefinite solutions, i.e. they will not restart you.  However, in the case of Clomid, it keeps the pituitary and testes activated and HCG keeps the testes alive and kicking (but will atrophy the pituitary a little).  See my pages on Clomid and Testosterone and HCG Monotherapy for more information.   [It should be noted as well that Androxal will come out in the next year or two.  See my page on Testosterone and Androxal for more information.]



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