The Testosterone Way of Life is the Best Way of Life

What’s the fantasy of most guys?  Well, a lot of us would like to spend a few months at a tropical resort with a beautiful woman.  We would rest, make love, sleep and repeat.  Well, guess what?  This would give you a nice boost in testosterone.  That is why I say that the Testerone Way of Life is the best way of life.

Most things that boost your testosterone are very pleasurable and natural for us males.  In fact, let me design a perfect Testosterone Day.  It would start by waking up and making love.  The day would continue at a relatively slow and relaxing pace with a morning workout that would include strength training or weight lifting of some sort (being careful not to overtrain).

From there you would relax for a few hours and then engage in some kind of competition in the afternoon. It could be anything from a video game to golf or even chess.  It doesn’t matter just so you enjoy the thrill of the competition.  After that I’d have you relaxing some more and maybe making love one more time and falling to sleep as the sun sets.  In the morning, you would arise as the sun re-emerged over the tops of the palm trees with your woman lying on your chest. 

## S I G H ##

It’s so simple – relaxation with minimal stressplenty of sleep, strength training, competitionsex – what else do you need?  Instintively, guys know that these things help them and make them feel good.  So why don’t we do them?

Well, I’m not you and I’m not walking down your path, but I want to make an important observation:  at some point in your life you are going to have choose between your testosterone and a hundred other things that would destroy it.  I don’t need to list for you all the things that will kill your testosterone:  stress, depression, lack of sleep and a sedentary life with no competition.

Yet this kind of anti-Testosterone lifestyle is what most of us guys live.  We let our career, our family, our home, our hobbies and a hundred other things rob of us this life-giving hormone.  And let’s be honest:  most of the things that crowd out our testosterone are simply not that important.

Wouldn’t you rather have a little less money, a little less fame, a little less fortune and be on that tropical island making love day and night in good health?  Jack LaLanne has a very profound saying that he often repeats:  “health is wealth”.  Is there anything more true?

The whole world is open to you and available for your discovery and enjoyment if you have your health.  You can begin your life over at any time if you just feel good enough to do it. Why throw it all away, and your testosterone at the same time, for things that really do not matter?

Remember:  you can’t fight your hormones.  In the end, you will live or die by their hand.  So go with the flow:  live a Testosterone Lifestyle.

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