Testosterone Right Now: Boosting Your Hormones Immediately

Need to boost your testosterone right now?  Well, there are proven ways to give yourself a nice jumpstart almost immediately.  Be forewarned that some of these can get you into trouble, so don’t go too crazy!  But if you just want to maximize your testosterone asap, then below are few interesting ways to do it:

NOTE:  The most important ways to maintain and increase your testosterone are through lifestyle changes that I talk about on this site, such as SleepSexGuarding against DepressionStress Protection, Long Term Strength/Weight Training and so on.

1.  Attractive Woman.  A male can raise his testosterone simply by hanging around an attractive woman. [1] That’s right – that good-looking friend of yours can actually alter your hormones for the better.  Apparently, a little titillation can go a long ways, eh?  Be careful though:  the same study showed that it increased risk-taking as wellIn other words, you might also get stupid.

2.  Competition. We have coverd this extensively in another link on Competitive Testosterone Boosters, but studies show that even the anticipation of a competitive event can augment testosterone in the short term for males.  Competition (and especially winning) can do the same. Yes, sports of any kind can not only get us in shape but help us hormonally.  NOTE:  Losing can bring down your hormones, so be careful not to  create a pattern of defeat in your life.

3) Posture and Pose. This is a strange one, but you can give your testeosterone a boost right now if you simply adopt a “power pose” stance or posture. [2] The concept is that if you display dominance and power, it immediately signals the brain and your testosterone begins ramping up. This study showed an increase in testosterone of about a fifth or sixth and a drop in cortisol of about a fourth.  Not bad for something so simple, eh?  Just try not to scare the kids or the dog…

4) Fast Cars. One study monitored guys doing a little city driving. What they found was that when they put a fella in a Porsche, his testosterone immediately increased.  And when they put him in a beat up old Camry, his testosterone levels actually fell a little bit.  So next time the Little Woman suggests you drive the minivan, tell her that she might as well give you a groin kick…

Fast cars.  Beautiful women. Sports and games. Chest thumping. (I don’t know where the Rock n’ Roll fits in.)

Okay, some might say these are a little shallow.  But, hey, let them have the low testosterone, eh?  In the meantime, get busy and boost your testosterone now!


1) Social Psychological and Personality Science, Jan 2010, 1(1):57-64, “The Presence of an Attractive Woman Elevates Testosterone and Physical Risk Taking in Young Men”

2) Pychological Science, published Sep 21 2010, “Power Posing: Brief Nonverbal Displays Affect Neuroendocrine”


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