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Stories of Low Testosterone from Posters and Emails

Every man has his own story about testosterone and what it can do to his life. I find that theses stories tend to run in themes and these common themes may help some of you out there struggling with low T.

Low testosterone can be a huge struggle for a man, making career, relationships, fitness and mental health very, very difficult. And most men go at it alone often with little or no help from their physicians. They are reluctant to talk about the issue with their spouses, their sex life goes downhill and on and on. If any of these apply, read any story below and you’ll see that you are not alone. Finally, consider joining the Peak Testosterone Forum and getting involved.

1. Ignored Hypogonadism.  I cannot tell you the number of physician horror stories that I have encountered where the doctor simply ignored the patient’s hypogonadism (clinically low testosterone).  The threshold for hypogonadism is outdated and abyssmally low by almost any standards and most labs put it in the 250-280 ng/dl range.

Look at this poor guy below, who was in his late 20’s, and had testosterone that was clearly hypogonadal.  In fact, his testosterone was arguably about a third of what it should have been and he had classic low testosterone symptoms to boot.  He actually had to demand a testosterone reading in the first place and then his doctor ignored the reading and told him he was okay!

“I was irritable, experiencing E.D., no muscle growth (after two years in the gym), almost no body hair, fatigue, etc. So I went into my Primary Care Dr. and insisted on getting my levels checked. He dismissed it and said that he felt my levels probably were low, but didn’t think I should get them checked. I urged him to however, and in the end he did. On September 26th 2011, at 4:55 pm, my T levels came back as…

Free Testosterone: 44.8 Range: 35.00-155.00

Total Testosterone: 283 Range: 250-1100

Having checked the ranges for my age and found my levels to be very low, I naturally was disturbed. Yet my Dr. assured me nothing needed to be done, as they were ‘normal’ results.”

2. Misread and Misinterpreted Testosterone Readings.

I also sometimes get emails and forum postings from men whose physicians seem to have no idea what hypogonadal testosterone even is.  In fact, they seem to – and who knows if it is deliberate? – ignore the reference ranges on the lab results.  As mentioned above, all hypogonadal thresholds are 250-280 from what I have seen and yet notice what this man’s doctor says to him:

“Hi all – first post…So, here’s my deal: i’m a young, fit/slim 43 – i stay fit, run, mountain bike (alot in summer), lift weights (though not a ton). Snowboard as well. Overall, a pretty darn good diet, but not perfect. i definitely try to eat well overall. I wasn’t feeling low energy, or exhibiting most other signs of low test, but i just know my libido is not “great.” it’s ok, not great. And, over the early spring, i def had a bit of a “staying hard’ issue. went to my primary care in May last year, and had him to a test check. Came back 194 ng/dL….”yikes” i thought! isn’t that low? my doc kinda blew it off, and said “yeah it’s normal…low normal..” pat pat, send me on my way.”

NOTE: Have you noticed that many of these stories are from men in good shape who seem to have engaged in “good, clean livin'”? The moral of the story is that hypogonadism can hit anyone. I have documented many of the known causes for low T, but sometimes we just do not know the cause.

Inflexible Diagnosis. Some doctors simply will not treat a man with HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy no matter how bad his low testosterone symptoms if he is above the hypgogonadal threshold. Read this story below from a senior man who was clearly miserable with low T and yet his doctor told him he was just find since he had one reading above 280 ng/dl:

“I’m facing at least 90 % of the symptoms you placed on your pages.Age 60, and fed up with them totally. No diabetes , no MS no cancer, no stomach ulcer – perfect prostate , great liver. and kidney [uncomplicated hear attack 18 years ago.

All this make me happy -Thanx God for it ! nevertheless on the other hand the legitimate question arises : why I feel so sick weak [ insomnia , foggy mind, and all tis you know so well] while my results are so great !!!

I [I? He didin’t have such idea] asked my dr about testosterone test in 2010 [TEST RESULT :12.7 no idea what does it mean my GP told me that is absolutely OK]”.

What these doctors do not realize is that all of this affects how a man thinks about himself and, just as important, his relationship with his wife or significant other.  Look at these stories:

“1) Sometime in my mid 30s I began to notice some difficulty achieving or maintaining a firm erection. But it wasn’t consistently difficult. At age 37 I had a terrible experience with the woman of my dreams (at the time,) in which I could not perform.”

“2) I should mention to you guys that before I actually got a physician to help me I had lost my job, the woman I was seeing dumped me”

By now you may wondering if I ever get any good stories? Of course, and one of my favorite was the story of this man, who wrote, after going on T therapy, about how his sexual function was completely restored and then some:

In early April I received 12 pellets and that was when I really saw a marked uptick in libido as evidenced by the increase in desire to have sex. Now at 51, I’m averaging between 3 and 4 times a week! Probably similar to what I was experiencing in my 20’s and 30’s!

After the pellets really started kicking in, I was on a personal marathon to see how many times a week I could have sex at 51 years old. This wasn’t on purpose but that’s exactly what I was doing. Now after a full year and I’m no longer fearful that my increased libido is temporary I’ve settled down to twice per week.

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