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Testosterone Treatments

Ready for some unorthodox testosterone treatments that actually have either some research or a recongized expert behind them? Now, first of all, I do not advise necessarily any of these: I am mostly writing about them, because they are interesting and instructional and/or because there are some big names involved:

1.  Poloquin’s Strategies.  Chalres Poloquin is one of the premier trainers in the world and has trained many elite athletes in his day.  He is also the champion of German Volume Training.  So he’s known for getting results.  He has a unique treatment strategy for sagging testosterone through usage of various (for the most part) herbal extracts such as tribulis, licorice, etc. that supposedly help boost testosterone. [1]  (See Reference for details.)

I don’t think anyone has any idea as to long term saftey of these supplements and one should keep in mind that Poloquin has a vested interest in the supplement label.  Still, his strategy gives some interesting insights into testosterone production.

2.  Onion Juice.  We covered this in our link on Antioxidants and Testosterone, but giving onion juice to rats boosted their testosterone threefold.  However, we are not sure what it did to their social life!  (No one knows the long term safety, or even effectiveness, of onion juice on men.)

3. Good Posture and Good-Looking Women. As I cover in my link on Boosting Your Testosterone Now, standing in a powerful pose and/or hanging out around attractive women can boost your testosterone significantly. I leave you trying to figure out how to pull that one off…

4.  Nettle Root.  Mike Mahler, strength coach extraordinaire, claims that it is DHT that is the real androgen that packs a punch. [2] Nettle root, according to Mahler, helps boost DHT. [3]  Is DHT really safe?  Well, one school of thought is that estradiol is the real enemy and DHT cannot be aromatized into estradiol and thus is much more safe.

There are other strange things that will raise testosterone, but no medical or health professional would ever recommend.  For example,  if you absorb enough triclocarban in hand sanitizer through your skin, it may amplify testosterone. [4] This is potentially dangerous for children, as testosterone is suspected by some experts in autism and other pediatric disorders. No one really knows how much is absorbed nor the long term effects of triclocarban a at this point.

Also, did you know that smoking actually boosts testosterone?  Of course, it also hammers the arteries and endothelium, but it does actually have a net positive effect on testosterone.

Again, I do not recommend anyone smoke or start using hand sanitizer as “the clear” Barry Bonds-style, especially good bioidentical testosterone treatment options are available. And hanging around other good looking women may get you a frying pan to the back of the head. Nevertheless, some of these solutions are interesting and may foreshadow more natural approaches that can be used in the future by men struggling with low testosterone.p>


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