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Vinitrox: Erectile Supplement from Europe

Sometimes I think we make things too hard.  Apples improve arterial health. Grapes do the same and boost nitric oxide. So why not just combine the two and try to get synergistic benefits?

That would seem to be the simple logic behind Vinitrox, one of the new and popular supplements from Bio Serae that is used extensively in Europe. It simply combines extracts of apple and grape into an optimized combination and – voila! – you’ve got instant vasodilation.

In other words, this product will likely improve both blood pressure and erectile dysfunction simply because of the power of its basic ingredients.  Consider just some of these benefits:

1. ET-1 and Superoxide Anion. Red wine polyphenols decrease a plasma chemical called ET-1 and superoxide anion. [1] This will improve endothelial function.

2. eNOS.  The key enzyme that boosts nitric oxide is eNOS and red wine polyphenols were found to enhance its activity in an animals study. [2]

3. Adhesion Molecules.  One apple flavonoid called phloretin suppresses the endothelial adhesion molecules that cause arterial damage and arteriosclerosis. [3]

4. Triglyericdes, Cholesterol and CRP. One animal study showed that apple juice decreased all three of these major risk factors for heart and arterial disease. [4]

5. Inflammatory Gene Expression. How about altering things on the genetic level?  That just what apple polyphenols do and it reduces inflammation – always an erection helper. [5]

Anyway, we could go on and on here, but you get the point:  both apples and grapes are great for your cardiovascular system in general and will improve endothelial function (nitric oxide and blood flow) significantly. And any apple and grape extacts are likely to do the same.

All of this explains why Bio Serae’s Vinitrox is growing in popularity in Europe. Besides finding the right extract formulation, they also did extensive experimentation to find the proportion that provides the greatest benefit as well.

I recently interviewed Christopher Pick, a naturopathic doctor and sports trainer in the U.K. as to how he used Vinitrox in his practice.  His response was interesting, because he is one of the few physicians that is also concerned with root causes and not just treating symptoms:

“Initially I would prefer to take the option of treating nutritional deficiencies as a first step but I am afraid that where ED is concerned guys want to tackle the erectile problem and little else! I have said previously, I think, that ED is symptomatic of other serious diseases such as heart disease. If they take this on board I can then deal with the more wide ranging ramifications.”

“The bottom line is that in most cases I am happy to use Vinitrox as it is a natural product that does work for the majority. I also usually insist that clients take essential fatty acids & ionic minerals as part of the protocol. These have a synergistic effect & are far more that the sum of the parts.”

“The move to natural products is pretty strong in Europe as people become aware of the problems with pharmaceuticals. With Vinitrox we are merely adding to the nitric oxide pool rather that interfering with an enzyme that breaks it down.”

NOTE:  Dr. Pick sells his own formulation of Vinitrox, called Viextra, on his site (which has sigificant information on erectile dysfunction).  For information, see his Viextra Fact Sheet.


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