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Vitamin C Cures Viruses: Dengue, Epstein Barr, Acute Hepatitis, Rheumatic Fever, West Nile Virus and More

I think this may be the most important page on my site, so, hopefully, some men out there will take notice.  Let me start out by saying that one of the members – thanks retado! – of the Peak Testosterone Forum told me I had to watch a video about Vitamin C. I have always been very interested in Vitamin C, so little persuasion was needed.  The video comes from a doctor in Colorado named Dr. Thomas Levy and kudos to him:  his presentation stunned me.  Here are just a few jaw droppers from the video:

a) There is an old journal article (1949) where a doctor cured 60 out of 60 polio cases using Vitamin C.  Yes, you read that right:  60 out of 60. Isn’t this every bit as impressive as what Jonas Salk did?  Yet it was completely ignored by the medical community.  The doctor (Klenner) that cured polio wrote an excellent summary of his protocols here.

b) There are also 3 separate journal articles showing that Vitamin C cures acute hepatitis (not chronic).

c) In 1950 a journal article appeared showing that Vitamin C repeatedly cured rheumatic fever.  The dosage was here was actually lower than the typical high dose Vitamin C, yet it still regressed rheumatic fever nicely! You can see a summary of the physicians findings here: Vitamin C and Rheumatic Fever.

There are other journal articles cited by Dr. Levy showing that Vitamin C can defeat Dengue, West Nile Virus, and encephalitis!  (See his You Tube video here: The Great Vitamin C Suppression.)

So should you believe these old journal articles?  Let me tell why I almost immediately embraced this video: it is supported by a modern study showing Vitamin C spanking Epstein-Barr, the natry, hard-to-treat virus involved in mononeucleosis:

“The clinical study of ascorbic acid and EBV [Epstein-Barr Virus] infection showed the reduction in EBV EA IgG and EBV VCA IgM antibody levels over time during IVC therapy that is consistent with observations from the literature that millimolar levels of ascorbate hinder viral infection and replication in vitro.” [1]

There is also a recent study showing high dose Vitamin C doing quite well against cancer, obviously another immune challenging overgrowth for the body.  So should this be front page news?  Of course.  Quite simply it is clear that high dose Vitamin C is possibly the most powerful and effective antiviral on the planet.  And safety seems rock solid as well, especially when compared to any modern pharmaceutical, although I do have one possible caution that I mention below.

Now I do have to caution that we don’t really know the success rates or the ideal protocols yet for high dose Vitamin C.  But in my opinion, this is definitely something that should be studied much much more than it is.  Will it cure 50% of patients?  100%?  20%?  We don’t know.  But what we do know is that it is very inexpensive and seems to have side effects to speak of.

UPDATE:  The forum poster who originally alerted me to Dr. Frye’s video is posting relevant news on Vitamin C cures and information here.

And, perhaps, right at our fignertips is a simple solution that could have saved countless lives.  My wife had a relative that contracted the very serious form of dengue in Mexico – some of the variants are deadly and some aren’t – and, thankfully, the person recovered and is doing just fine.  However, their suffering and time to recovery could have been undoubtedly greatly shortened by Vitamin C therapy.  And they could have quite easily died as well. Many of you reading this probably know someone in a similar situation who has contracted or been exposed to one of the above deadly disease.

So why would Vitamin C therapy not be considered and why hasn’t it been studied?  Well, you know the answer to that:  you can put a patent on it, so why bother, right?

NOTE:  It is important to note that generally the physicians are talking about high dose Vitamin C.  You cannot generally achieve the dosages necessary to kill one of these superbugs with the standard oral Vitamin C, even Ester-C, that you buy in the store.  This can only come from IV infusions of Vitamin C or (very large) liposomal dosages of Vitamin C (assuming you have a healthy gut).  These dosages alone increase peroxide levels.

CAUTION:  Do I have any cautions?  Supposedly Vitamin C has no known toxicty.  You can literally take grams and grams of the stuff with only minor symptoms displayed at best.  Does this mean high dose Vitamin C is without any risks whatsoever?  Well, the theory is that higher dosages cause excess peroxide production in inflamed tissues – and the excess peroxide is what kills the viruses – but leaves health tissues untouched.  The this seems to be born out by Vitamin C’s excellent clinical track record.

The key is that it must leave healthy tissues untouched as, for example, some experts believe that peroxide plays a role in Alzheimer’s:

The ability for Abeta to generate H(2)O(2), and interactions of H(2)O(2) with iron and copper to generate highly toxic ROS, may provide a mechanism for the oxidative stress associated with Alzheimer’s disease. The role of heavy metals in Alzheimer’s disease pathology and the toxicity of the H(2)O(2) molecule may be closely linked.” [2]

Bottom line:  Just keep in mind that many people will die or suffer serious damage from some of the viruses above with no known major side effects.  If peroxide were really damaging neurons, you would expect that we would have heard about it.  But discuss the above with an expert or two.  And let me know what you find out!  I’m excited that we likely have a cure here that could save millions of lives.


1)  Med Sci Monit, 2014, 20: 725 732, “Effect of high dose vitamin C on Epstein-Barr viral infection”

2) Drugs Aging, 2004;21(2):81-100, “Role of hydrogen peroxide in the aetiology of Alzheimer’s disease: implications for treatment”

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