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Whey, Undenatured

Whey is an incredible protein.  It 1) increases glutathione, the body’s master detoxifier and antioxidant, 2) boosts immunity and 3) is the gold standard for muscle building and strength.

Or does it?  As it turns out, even something lauded by the health and bodybuilding communities can be corrupted by food processing and that is exactly what happened to whey.  As I warn in my link on Whey and Excitotoxins, supplement and food manufactureres, in an effort to pasteurize and purify whey, heat it to very high temperatures.  These hydrolyzed isolates and concentrates that account for the lion’s share of they whey out there are full of excitotoxins.  Just as nasty, all the glutathione-boosting properties of the whey are destroyed as well.

So what is the answer?  It turns out that there are a few manufacturers that have developed a process to leave whey “undenatured”.  Yes, that’s a double negative, but you get the idea:  the processors leave the whey in its natural state and that means not only do you avoid most of the excitotoxins, but you should get a nice glutathione increase as well. (See my link on How to Increase Glutathione for more information.) 

One concern that you may have about having undenatured or “raw” whey is bacteria. Pasteurization and heating, after all, is what protects us from illness.  There is another more expensive methodology that can be employed:  microfiltering to literally screen or sift out all the bacteria.  This is the method used, sometimes called a “cold press”, for undenatured or biologically active wheys.  Every manufacturer has their own twist on how to do it. As far as I know, these processes do not free up any additional glutamine, which should leave the whey in its natural state with low levels of excitotoxins.

Where can you get the stuff and how much does it cost?  It used to be very expensive, because, frankly, the suppliers could get away with it.  Now, though, a number of inexpensive, high quality products have hit the market place, even on discounters like Amazon.  There is a popular brand available in stores such as Vitamin Shoppe, called Biochem. For more information, see my links on Biochem Undenatured Whey. Here are a couple of other examples that I have not used: ImmunPlex Undenatured Whey Protein and ImmunoPro Powder..  Amazon also sells ImmunoPro, but this is over three times the price.

CAUTIONS:  Start out slowly with undenatured whey. The boost in glutathione will actually begin to detox your tissues and move mercury around where it can be removed.  This is a good thing as long as you do not move too much too quickly.  Individuals who have had substantial mercury poisoning should speak to a doctor first.

So I started by saying, “No whey!”  Now I say, “Yes, whey!”  Well, as long as it is undenatured…

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